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28 Possible Causes for Delayed Closure of Fontanelles, Open Posterior Fontanelle

  • Endemic Cretinism

    CLINICAL FEATURES Birth weight 4 kg Open posterior fontanel Nasal stuffiness & discharge Macroglossia Constipation & abdominal distension Feeding problems & vomiting[] Delayed closure of anterior fontanel 21.[] CLINICAL FEATURES (c’d) Skeletal abnormalities: Infantile proportions Hip & knee flexion Exaggerated lumbar lordosis Delayed teeth eruption Under developed mandible[]

  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia

    Three-dimensional computerized tomography scanning demonstrated a large anterior fontanelle, a patent posterior fontanelle, and bone defects at the pterion and asterion, together[] Cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD) is a rare genetic disorder of bone, characterised by hypoplastic/aplastic clavicles, delayed closure of fontanelles and sutures of the cranium[] CCD is an autosomal skeletal disorder characterized by several features such as delayed closure of fontanels, dental abnormalities and hypoplastic clavicles.[]

  • Eyebrow Duplication - Syndactyly Syndrome

    ., 1993, Teratology 48: 502 Edit 9 8280871_baby 69, XXX, rec(7)dup(7p)inv(7)(p21q32), rec(7)dup(7q)inv(7)(p21q32) pat prominent occiput with open posterior fontanelle, low-set[] Dentition is delayed. Recurrent stomatitis and gastroesophageal reflux have been noted. Closure of the fontanels is delayed.[] ;p15) pat asymmetry cranium, delayed closure of fontanels, hypertelorism, low-set ears, choanal atresia, micrognathia, malposition of feet, arachnodactyly, contractures of[]

  • Craniosynostosis

    The anterior, posterior, sphenoid and mastoid fontanels are openings which close on their own as a part of normal growth.[] Craniosynostosis and clavicular hypoplasia, delayed closure of the fontanelle, cranial defects, anal and genitourinary abnormalities, and skin (CDAGS), is an infrequent autosomal[] The report describes the child as having a fused posterior fontanel, something that can’t be diagnosed by simple palpation, and an open but small anterior fontanel.[]

  • Progeria

    Adequate visualization of the posterior fontanels was limited but was clearly open in 3 children, 2.1, 3.5, and 9.4 years of age.[] closure of fontanelles and sutures, delayed dentition, horse-riding stance, thin limbs with prominent stiff joints, coxa valga, skeletal hypoplasia and dysplasia, dystrophic[] These may include delayed closure of the “soft spot” at the front of the skull (anterior fontanelle), an abnormally thin “dome-like” portion of the skull (calvaria), and/or[]

  • Boomerang Dysplasia

    The anterior and the posterior fontanelles were wide open. The head appeared large in comparison to the body.[] Radiographically, wormian bones and delayed closure of the fontanelles may be observed well into the first decade of life.[] Reconstruction skeletal CT scan b) Posterior view shows markedly opened posterior fontanel (long white arrow), ill-defined cranio-cervical junction (short white arrow), and[]

  • Congenital Hypothyroidism

    Examination revealed facial puffiness, open posterior fontanelles, dry skin, cold peripheries and prominent abdominal veins with visible peristalsis.[] […] developmental milestones (crawling, sitting, walking, talking) Large soft spot present on the skull, i.e. the fontanel that has a late closure Children who are left untreated[] She was severely pale with a wide open and flat anterior fontanel (3 3 cm), open posterior fontanel, depressed nasal bridge, macroglossia, dry skin, and an umbilical hernia[]

  • Cranio-Osteoarthropathy

    At the age of 3 weeks, it was noticed that her anterior and posterior fontanels were large accompanied by widely open cranial sutures.[] closure of the cranial sutures and fontanels, resulting in wide fontanels, and an increased number of wormian bones.[] We have now encountered three siblings, two of whom had digital clubbing, patent arterial ducts and delayed closure of the cranial fontanels.[]

  • Pyknodysostosis

    Radiograph of the skull was found to be widely open anterior and posterior fontanelle, with obtuse mandibular angle and separated cranial sutures (Fig. 6).[] closure of the fontanelles, and hypoplasia of the terminal phalanges.[] Figure 8: Lateral skull radiograph showing open fontanels (anterior white arrow, posterior red arrow), wide sutures (black arrow), obtuse mandibular angle (yellow arrow),[]

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta Congenita - Microcephaly - Cataracts Syndrome

    […] with an open posterior fontanel can be an early sign of the disorder.[] -Therefore, can have normal parents pass on an AD disorder Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I *AD with germline mosaicism Disorder of Type 1 Collagen COL1A1 Delayed fontanelle[] Evaluation of protein glycosylation status is recommended for all children presenting with congenital wrinkled skin/cutis laxa, late fontanel closure, developmental delay,[]

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