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36 Possible Causes for Delayed Closure of Fontanelles, Partial Syndactyly of Fingers and Toes, Short Finger

  • Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome

    Since the autosomal dominant Saethre-Chotzen syndrome may show similar cranio-facial features, short fingers with non-obligatory cutaneous syndactyly, and ossification defects[] Unilateral or bilateral coronal synostosis, low frontal hair line, strabismus, ptosis, and partial cutaneous syndactyly of fingers and toes are findings suggestive of the[] closure of large fontanels, brachycephaly, acrocephaly, brachydactyly, cutaneous syndactyly, broad great toes, and mild shortness of stature.[]

  • Lenz-Majewski Syndrome

    […] stature Dwarfism Proportionate dwarfism Short stature, severe [ more ] 0003510 Short palm 0004279 Specific learning disability 0001328 Symphalangism affecting the phalanges[] In severe cases, the fingers, toes, hands, feet, and/or lower legs may be partially or completely absent.[] Characterized by multiple congenital anomalies (delayed closure of fontanel, proximal symphalangism, prominent scalp cutaneous veins), mental retardation, and progressive[]

  • Apert Syndrome

    […] or toes extra fingers or toes short, wide fingers or toes stiff joints in the fingers heavy sweating (hyperhidrosis) severe acne missing patches of hair in the eyebrows opening[] Other signs were represented by syndactyly involving partial fusion of the fingers and toes. Also, mild mental deficiency was recorded.[] Craniosynostosis can lead to acrobrachycephaly or turribrachycephaly with delayed closure of fontanels and a possible impact on brain growth and neurological development.[]

  • Hypertelorism

    fingers; single palmar creases.Feeding problems; high-pitched cry; poor growth; severe developmental delay; cardiac defects (VSD/ASD/PDA).[] Limb manifestations consist of splitting of nails (40%), broad great toes, partial syndactyly of fingers and toes, hy-perextensible joints, short 5th fingers, clinodactyly[] The craniofacial appearance caused by HDAC8 mutations overlaps that of typical CdLS but often displays delayed anterior fontanelle closure, ocular hypertelorism, hooding of[]

  • Familial Scaphocephaly Syndrome

    In addition, the eyes may be spaced wide apart and have droopy eyelids, and fingers may be abnormally short and webbed.[] Syndactyly of the fingers and toes may be total (mitten hands and sock feet) or partial affecting the second, third, and fourth digits.[] Unusual raised ridges on the skull Premature closure of sutures; Synostosis; Plagiocephaly; Scaphocephaly; Fontanelle - craniosynostosis; Soft spot - craniosynostosis Centers[]

  • Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia Type Kaitila

    Finger joint hypermobility MedGen UID: 154359 • Concept ID: C0574974 • Finding Short phalanx of finger MedGen UID: 163753 • Concept ID: C0877165 • Finding Short (hypoplastic[] syndactyly Talipes equinovarus Toe syndactyly Severe muscular hypotonia Chorioretinal coloboma Plagiocephaly Proximal placement of thumb Abnormal vertebral morphology High[] Radiographically, wormian bones and delayed closure of the fontanelles may be observed well into the first decade of life.[]

  • Trisomy 9

    […] sternum, overlapping fingers, limited hip abduction, rocker bottom feet, heart murmurs and also webbed neck, characteristic of this trisomy 9 syndrome.[] Less commonly, partial webbing (syndactyly) of certain fingers and toes and dislocation of the hips at birth have been noted.[] […] neck, overlapping fingers, rocker-bottom feet, prominent heels, and hypoplastic toenails.[]

  • Cole-Carpenter Syndrome

    Children may have short fingers (brachydactyly) that are joined (syndactyly). Their feet may also be webbed and some toes may be duplicated (polydactyly).[] […] and toes (brachydactyly); partial fusion of the soft tissues (cutaneous syndactyly) between certain digits; and the presence of extra (supernumerary) toes or, less commonly[] Dysosteosclerosis – disproportional short stature, deafness, blindness, delayed closure anterior fontanelle, frontal bossing, delayed tooth eruption, osteosclerosis, platyspondyly[]

  • Craniofrontonasal Dysplasia

    30%-79% of people have these symptoms Abnormality of the dentition Abnormal dentition Abnormal teeth Dental abnormalities Dental abnormality [ more ] 0000164 Brachydactyly Short[] Great toes were broad, and there was partial syndactyly of second, third and fourth toes bilaterally. Clinodactyly of both the fifth toe was obvious [Figure 1c].[] A very large anterior fontanelle with delayed closure was present in 6/18.[]

  • Craniosynostosis

    fingers and toes, and extra fingers.[] Craniosynostosis and clavicular hypoplasia, delayed closure of the fontanelle, cranial defects, anal and genitourinary abnormalities, and skin (CDAGS), is an infrequent autosomal[] , delayed closure - see also Fistula Diastasis Dilatation fontanel 756.0 Disease, diseased - see also Syndrome Crouzon's (craniofacial dysostosis) 756.0 Friedreich's Distortion[]

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