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94 Possible Causes for Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth, Facial Lipoatrophy

  • SHORT Syndrome

    This six-year-old girl shows nearly all the typical manifestations reported in patients with the SHORT syndrome, including lipoatrophy, minor facial anomalies, Rieger anomaly[] The eruption of primary and secondary teeth may be delayed for up to 1.3 years in children with growth hormone deficiency, up to 1.5 years in children with CDGP and more than[] Common clinical features include intrauterine and postnatal growth restriction, lipoatrophy, characteristic facial gestalt, anterior chamber defects and insulin resistance[]

  • Lipodystrophy

    What causes facial lipoatrophy?[] While there may be some reversal of the condition, most predominately facial wasting (known a facial lipoatrophy), most reversals tend to be minimal to moderate.[] […] for patients with HIV-associated facial lipoatrophy (FLA).[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Progeria

    […] bones Decreased size of facial bones Decreased size of facial skeleton [ more ] 0002692 Infertility 0000789 Joint stiffness Stiff joint Stiff joints [ more ] 0001387 Lipoatrophy[] Dental abnormalities may also be present, such as delayed eruption of the primary (deciduous) and secondary (permanent) teeth; irregularly formed, small, discolored, and/or[] Failure to thrive Faltering weight Weight faltering [ more ] 0001508 High pitched voice 0001620 Hyperinsulinemia 0000842 Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism 0000044 Hypoplastic facial[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Polylactic acid implants (New-Fill) to correct facial lipoatrophy in HIV-infected patients: results of the open-label study VEGA.[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Metabolic Syndrome

    Possible interventions include autologous fat transfer, dermal fillers or muscle grafts to treat facial lipoatrophy; surgical reduction or liposuction of areas with excessive[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Insulin Resistance

    […] dysmorphism,exuberant scalp and body hair, severe acanthosis, lipoatrophy, dental abnormalities, and short stature (Rabson-Mendenhall phenotype).[] […] insulin receptor signalling, noted primarily in children, and is often difficult to diagnose due to the clinical heterogeneity.SEIR was diagnosed in an adolescent girl with facial[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Proteus

    Vascular malformations (one of the following): Capillary malformation Venous malformation Lymphatic malformation Lung bullae Bullous pulmonary degeneration Facial phenotype[] […] the following): Bilateral ovarian cystadenoma Parotid monomorphic adenoma Category C Dysregulated adipose tissue (either of the following): Lipomatous overgrowth Regional lipoatrophy[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Discoid Lupus Erythematosus

    We want to report a young male patient with progressive symmetrical facial lipoatrophy. In addition, he has discoid lupus erythematosus and celiac disease.[] To our knowledge, this case involves the first male patient in the literature presenting with symmetrical facial lipoatrophy with very prominent periorbital lipoatrophy and[] Literature review reveals studies involving 10 patients until today with lipoatrophy due to or after the onset of discoid lupus erythematosus; all are female patients.[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth
  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia

    […] shedding of primary teeth and also eruption of secondary teeth.[] (hyperdontia) in the primary and secondary dentition resulting in crowding and malocclusion, retention of deciduous teeth, delayed eruption of secondary dentition and failure[] Rehabilitation on Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM) on 6th April 2006 with complaints of not growing according to his age, a wide gap over the head since birth and delayed[]

    Missing: Facial Lipoatrophy
  • HIV Wasting Syndrome

    What causes facial lipoatrophy?[] Anatomy of Facial Wasting Surgical Treatment Since facial lipoatrophy affects the buccal fat pad and the surrounding tissue, Dr.[] How soon after HIV infection can facial wasting/ lipodystrophy/lipoatrophy occur?[]

    Missing: Delayed Eruption of Primary and Secondary Teeth

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