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2,922 Possible Causes for Delayed Growth and Development, Hypermenorrhea, Night Blindness

  • Myxedema

    Poor growth, resulting in short stature Delayed development of permanent teeth Delayed puberty Poor mental development When to see a doctor See your doctor if you're feeling[] Hypothyroidism in children and teens In general, children and teens who develop hypothyroidism have the same signs and symptoms as adults do, but they may also experience:[]

  • Spleen Disease

    Children and adolescents with Gaucher disease may experience a delay in growth and development.[]

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Note: The causes for an iron deficiency anemia are hypermenorrhea, pathological, mostly intestinal bleedings, and disorder of absorption as well as malnutrition.[] In adults, ID is associated with fatigue in the absence of anemia, restless legs syndrome, pica and, in neonates, delayed growth and development.[] Growth problems. In infants and children, severe iron deficiency can lead to anemia as well as delayed growth and development.[]

    Missing: Night Blindness
  • Liver Disease

    blindness Decreased energy and fatigue Mental confusion, which may progress to coma Vomiting blood or passing blood in the stools Edema (swelling) Cirrhosis is ultimately[] […] the skin and eyes) Itching Dark, tea-colored urine Clay-colored stools Weight loss and muscle wasting Tendency to bruise and bleed easily Ascites (fluid in the abdomen) Night[]

    Missing: Delayed Growth and Development
  • Zinc Deficiency

    Individuals with zinc deficiency present with the following signs and symptoms: Delayed growth and development Fertility issues Diarrhea Unexplained weight loss Loss of appetite[] In children or adults, manifestations also include alopecia, impaired immunity, anorexia, dermatitis, night blindness, anemia, lethargy, and impaired wound healing.[] blindness Sexual dysfunction or impotence Skin blemishes such as acne, psoriasis and eczema Stunted growth Toxemia during pregnancy Weakened Immunity System Wounds slow to[]

    Missing: Hypermenorrhea
  • Anemia

    growth and development Impaired wound and tissue healing The symptoms of anemia may resemble other blood disorders or medical problems.[] […] breath (dyspnea) Lack of energy, or tiring easily (fatigue) Dizziness, or vertigo, especially when standing Headache Irritability Irregular menstruation cycles Absent or delayed[] Growth problems. In infants and children, severe iron deficiency can lead to anemia as well as delayed growth and development.[]

    Missing: Night Blindness
  • Vitamin A Deficiency

    It may also lead to infections, gastroenteritis, delayed growth, and bone development. (Pregnancy Diet: Should You Really Eat For Two?) How Much Vitamin A Do You Need?[] She presented at 33 weeks of pregnancy with night blindness as a result of vitamin A deficiency.[] Vitamin A deficiency and resulting night blindness have previously been reported in patients with chronic liver disease before undergoing liver transplantation.[]

    Missing: Hypermenorrhea
  • Pregnancy

    Vitamin A deficiency is another important nutritional deficiency that leads to night blindness.[] According to the global estimates for the time period between 1995 and 2005, vitamin A deficiency measured using night blindness and low serum retinol levels affected 9.8[]

    Missing: Delayed Growth and Development
  • Hypothyroidism

    In children, hypothyroidism can stunt growth and delay sexual development. In infants, it can cause mental retardation.[] Childhood (juvenile hypothyroidism) and Adolescents (adolescent hypothyroidism) symptoms: Slow growth Delayed tooth development Tiredness Feeling cold Constipation Slow growth[] However, they may also experience: poor growth delayed development of teeth poor mental development delayed puberty Hypothyroidism develops slowly.[]

    Missing: Night Blindness
  • Endometriosis

    […] ovaries, broad ligaments, rectovaginal septum, umbilical scars, intestine, lungs, etc Clinical Often accompanied by dysmenorrhea, cyclical pain, low back pain, thigh pain, hypermenorrhea[] Additionally, you may prevent or delay the development of endometriosis with an early diagnosis and treatment of any menstrual obstruction, a condition in which a vaginal[] […] cyst, vaginal tumor or other growth or lesion prevents endometrial tissue from leaving your body during menstruation.[]

    Missing: Night Blindness

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