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36 Possible Causes for Delayed Wound Healing, Easy Bruising, Potassium Decreased

  • Iatrogenic Cushing's Disease

    Memory loss was due to job stress and thin skin and easy bruising were due to sun exposure. After foot and back fractures at age 47, I was finally diagnosed.[] wound healing, excessive panting, sodium retention (which can cause high blood pressure or exacerbate congestive heart failure, and occasionally diabetes.[] – level decreased ( hypokalemia ) Non-Laboratory Tests Computed tomography (CT) – scan of the chest, particularly the lung, and abdomen; may be used to help locate adrenal[]

  • Adrenal Cortex Hormone

    Possible side effects of dexamethasone include stomach irritation, headache, insomnia, dizziness, restlessness, anxiety, easy bruising, irregular menstrual periods, upset[] – oral corticosteroids can delay wound healing They should also be used with caution in people with a health condition that could be made worse by taking oral corticosteroids[] There is a decreased Potassium level.[]

  • Cushing's Disease

    As the level of potassium decreased, the chances of abnormal heart rhythms increase.[] Cushing’s syndrome COMMON FEATURES LESS COMMON FEATURES Weight gain Insomnia Hypertension Recurrent infection Poor short-term memory Thin skin and stretch marks Irritability Easy[] Too much cortisol can lead to Cushing’s syndrome, causing symptoms including: Weight gain in the neck, face and upper body Flushing in the face Easy bruising Purple stretch[]

  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    , and potassium levels muscle wasting and atrophy due to decreased protein absorption and metabolism perianal skin burning, itching, or soreness due to frequent loose stools[] […] and unusually malodorous Excessive gas Abdominal discomfort or cramps, especially after eating Fatigue Weight loss or emaciation Night blindness (vitamin A malabsorption) Easy[] bruising, bleeding gums Numbness and tingling in feet and hands Paleness Muscle or bone pain The following are some complications that can develop over time as a result of[]

  • Acitretin

    Acitretin can delay wound healing.[] Sodium Increased and decreased: Magnesium Decreased: Phosphorus Potassium Sodium Increased and decreased: Calcium Chloride Hematologic Increased: Reticulocytes Decreased:[] (severe and continuing) redness of the face, neck, arms, and occasionally, upper chest redness of the skin sleeplessness stiff, painful muscles thinning of the skin with easy[]

  • Fludrocortisone

    Skin: Skin thinning and atrophy, acne, impaired wound healing; petechiae, ecchymosis, easy bruising; suppression of skin test reaction; hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation[] wound healing is possible Patients receiving corticosteroids should avoid chickenpox or measles-infected persons if unvaccinated Latent tuberculosis may be reactivated (patients[] Serum potassium decreased significantly within the 14-day study period (P .001).[]

  • Sirolimus

    bruising/bleeding, mental/mood changes, swelling ankles /feet, severe headache , dizziness , stomach / abdominal pain , missed/heavy/painful periods, signs of kidney problems[] Impaired or delayed wound healing (esp. BMI 30kg/m 2 ). Hepatic impairment.[] […] pressure , diarrhea or constipation, rash, acne, joint pain, nausea, vomiting, stomachache, and decreased blood potassium and phosphate values.[]

  • Hydrocortisone

    wound healing is possible Patients receiving corticosteroids should avoid chickenpox or measles-infected persons if unvaccinated Latent tuberculosis may be reactivated (patients[] […] in serum potassium concentration.[] However, long term use of high doses can lead to thinning skin, easy bruising, changes in body fat (especially in your face, neck, back, and waist), increased acne or facial[]

  • Methylprednisolone

    However, long term use of high steroid doses can lead to symptoms such as thinning skin, easy bruising, changes in the shape or location of body fat (especially in your face[] wound healing Minimal mineralocorticoid activity Use in septic shock or sepsis syndrome not proven effective and may increase mortality in some patients including patients[] However, this is more applicable to corticosteroids with an indication where continuous therapy is given (see section 4.4) Investigations Common Blood potassium decreased[]

  • Rectal Obstruction

    An earlier episode of delayed wound healing as well as large hernia could also be explained now.[] potassium level) Abdominal surgery Decreased blood supply to the intestines Infections inside the abdomen, such as appendicitis Kidney or lung disease Use of certain medicines[] bruising, spontaneously resolving dislocations of joints, scoliosis and ocular features such as keratoconus depending on the type of EDS.1-8 Multiple hernias are usually[]

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