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294 Possible Causes for Delusion, Emotional Lability, Parkinson's Disease

  • Dementia

    False beliefs (delusions) are common, especially paranoid delusions involving others stealing from them or conspiring against them.[] Behavioral and cognitive changes include mental slowness (bradyphrenia), emotional lability, personality changes, and depression. 15 Depression is common in VaD, occurring[] To determine which clinical features best characterize Parkinson disease dementia (PDD), compared with Alzheimer disease (AD) and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), and to determine[]

  • Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease

    Shortly after, his family noted an ataxic gait and behavioral changes, for example, paranoid delusions.[] Jellinger KA (2000) Cell death mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease. J Neural Transm 107:1–29 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 32.[] […] disease was first suspected in this patient with no previous medical history, who developed acute and rapid cognitive impairment, L-dopa-non-responsive parkinsonism, and delusion[]

  • Organic Brain Syndrome

    lability, fatigue, loss of appetite and vertigo after 4 weeks.[] See also substance-induced disorders. organic delusional syndrome a term used in a former system of classification, denoting an organic mental syndrome characterized by delusions[] , multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Picks disease and dementia due to a metabolic cause Ÿ Infections such as blood poisoning, meningitis, encephalitis[]

  • Depression

    The psychotic symptoms typically have a depressive “theme,” such as delusions of guilt, poverty, or illness.[] ’s disease and chronic pain, by rewiring a network of signals in the brain.[] Psychotic depression arises against a background of psychosis, which may involve symptoms of delusions, hallucinations, or paranoia.[]

  • Neurotic Disorder

    […] as in mental illness Synonyms for neurotic disorder insanity mental disorder personality disorder schizophrenia craziness delusions depression derangement disturbed mind emotional[] Psychic disorder – it occurs as psychogenous amnesia (F44.0), hysteric illusion and hallucination, emotional lability, and are accompanied by crick, loud cry etc.[] disease. ( 26756302 ) Svensson E....rensen H.T. 2016 31 Decreased medial frontal gyrus in patients with adjustment disorder. ( 26630395 ) Myung W....Jung H.Y. 2016 32 A longitudinal[]

  • Schizophrenia

    lability often occur.[] Parallel-arm design of MCT for delusions published from 2007 to 2016 were collected and then cross-referenced using these keywords: delusion (psychosis or psychotic or schizophrenia[] KEYWORDS: Dementia with Lewy bodies; Parkinson's disease; Psychosis; SNCA duplication; Schizophrenia[]

  • Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

    lability and freezing of gait.[] Supranuclear vertical gaze palsy, gait instability and the absence of delusions distinguished PSP from diffuse Lewy body disease.[] P/M, pons to midbrain ratio; PD, idiopathic Parkinson's disease; PSP-RS, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy-Richardson's Syndrome; Parkinson's disease; Progressive Supranuclear[]

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Has she undertaken to guide us through the facts, fiction, and fad of the GFD, while suffering the delusions of yet another fad herself? Is it possible that Dr.[] Emotional Lability in MND: relationship to cognition and psychopathology and impact on caregivers. J. Neurol. Sci. 278, 16–20.[] Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson's disease, both progressive neurodegenerative diseases, affect 1 million Americans (1,2).[]

  • Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis

    Here, we present a case of a 15 year-old female adolescent with first-episode psychosis with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis not related to tumor, which manifested with delusion[] lability, short-term memory deficits or concentration deficits).[] Disease: Symposium on Levodopa in Parkinsons Disease 71,12,Suppl.1 2008/09 von: American Academy of Neurology: Resource guide and membership directory Standardnummern ISSN[]

  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies

    Anxiety, depression, emotional lability and aggression are common in late-stage LBD.[] Delusion of other persons are stealing was the most common symptom (35.3%).[] KEYWORDS: Parkinson's disease; dementia; dementia with Lewy bodies; incidence; prevalence[]

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