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1,097 Possible Causes for Dementia, Dystonia, Jaundice

  • Niemann-Pick Disease Type C

    A three-month old Chinese male infant was a victim of neonatal hepatitis presenting with prolonged jaundice, poor body weight gain, progressive hepatosplenomegaly and extremely[] NPC could masquerade as a pure neuropsychiatric disorder such as dystonia or schizophrenia.[] A 39-year-old female presented to the Bryan Memory Disorders Clinic at Duke University with a 7-year history of an atypical progressive dementia, mildly impaired vertical[]

  • Wilson Disease

    We report a 16-year-old female who presented with fatigue, dizziness, and new onset jaundice.[] The authors diagnosed acute focal dystonia induced by clomipramine.[] (degenerative (primary)) (old age) (persisting) F03.90 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code F03.90 Unspecified dementia without behavioral disturbance 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific[]

  • Bilirubin Encephalopathy

    Is Jaundice Dangerous for Babies? While very mild levels of jaundice are not dangerous, more intense degrees of jaundice can be a red flag and cause for concern.[] Both children have dystonia, athetosis, upward gaze palsy, and sensorineural hearing loss, with MRIs showing characteristic abnormal signal in the globus pallidus.[] It may progress to the more serious boxer's dementia .[]

  • Phenothiazine

    Chlorpromazine therapy is associated with jaundice .[] Patients with dystonias had more extensive neurologic testing than patients without dystonias, suggesting that physicians may not recognize dystonias as a clinical finding[] The patients with schizophrenia and vascular dementia had significantly lower content of apoAI, HDL-C, and apoAI/apoB than those in normal control (P 0.01).[]

  • Vitamin E

    A 49-year-old woman with a history of heavy alcohol drinking was admitted to our hospital due to jaundice and abdominal distention.[] Patients with tardive dystonia mostly are young men. We present the case of one substantially improved with treatment by 1200 mg/d (IU) of vitamin E.[] […] with MCI or dementia due to AD.[]

  • Enamel Hypoplasia

    Regression analyses will be performed to evaluate the strength of association between neonatal jaundice and dental toxicity.[] The presence of joint involvement, joint pain and dystonia may be a symptom of WD [ 2 ].[] The proposita has ataxia, EEG abnormalities, moderate dementia, and enamel hypoplasia.[]

  • Tacrine

    A 75-year-old woman with Alzheimer's disease, taking tacrine for 14 months, developed progressive jaundice.[] Acetylcholine also affects muscle activity and in excess causes tremors, dystonia, and other dyskinesias.[] These findings led many to believe that a major breakthrough had been made in the treatment of Alzheimer's dementia.[]

  • Niemann-Pick Disease

    Although neurodegeneration defines the disease's severity, in most patients it is preceded by hepatic complications such as cholestatic jaundice or hepatomegaly.[] Tetrabenazine therapy of dystonia, chorea, tics and other dyskinesias. Neurology 1988 ; 38 : 391 –4. Glazer WM , Morgenstern H, Doucette JT.[] The dementia symptoms include confusion, memory problems and difficulties in concentrating and learning.[]

  • Deafness

    They may also be born with severe jaundice or experience a lack of oxygen at some point. Both of these can cause deafness.[] Dystonia-deafness syndrome is a distinct clinical presentation within the dystonia-spectrum.[] : The rising incidence of dementia locally and worldwide has now reached a critical level.[]

  • Disulfiram

    The disease followed a protracted course with an interval of 25 days between the onset of jaundice and the onset of encephalopathy.[] A case with segmental cranial plus crural dystonia of delayed onset and akinesia after acute intoxication with disulfiram is presented.[] The thirteen Practice Guidelines are * Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults, Second Edition* Delirium* Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias of Late Life* HIV/AIDS* Substance[]

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