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121 Possible Causes for Dementia, Hoarseness, Hypophonia

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    […] easily, drooling, or gagging Head drop due to weakness of the neck muscles Speech problems, such as a slow or abnormal speech pattern (slurring of words) Voice changes, hoarseness[] These syndromes range from frontotemporal dementia to behavioral or cognitive syndromes.[] Damage to the medulla can cause: slurred speech hoarseness difficulty swallowing emotional lability, which is characterized by excessive emotional reactions such as laughing[]

  • Parkinson's Disease Type 3

    The voice may sound hoarse or come out in short bursts. Often, speech problems worsen over time. Speech problems can be helped with speech therapy.[] He had moderate masked facies and moderate hypophonia. There was intermittent resting tremor in all 4 extremities, more marked on the left side of his body.[] […] or Lewy body dementia.[]

  • Parkinson's Disease

    A Soft or Low Voice Have other people told you that your voice is very soft or that you sound hoarse?[] Supporting parkinsonian features include stooped posture, masked facies, micrographia (small handwriting), drooling, speech changes (eg, hypophonia or soft speech, stuttering[] […] disease dementia (PDD), together known as the Lewy body dementias.[]

  • Juvenile Paralysis Agitans of Hunt

    […] to HIV virus ( Z20.6 ) inconclusive serologic evidence of HIV ( R75 ) Use Additional code(s) to identify all manifestations of HIV infection Hives (bold) - see Urticaria Hoarseness[] Hypomimia- “masked facies”,expressionless face, blinking Speech abnormalities- Hypophonia: soft voice Aprosody of speech: monotonous and lack of inflection Tachyphemia: do[] Clinically the differential includes 1,3 : dementia with Lewy bodies dementia is clinically evident before, concurrently or at most within 12 months of onset of parkinsonian[]

  • Young-Onset Parkinson Disease

    YOPD speakers reported voice symptoms of hypophonia, tremor, hoarseness, monotone, and impaired speech intelligibility.[] […] or Lewy body dementia.[] Hypophonia Hypophonia is muffled or low voice volume as a result of lack of coordination in vocal musculature.[]

  • Amyloidosis

    […] problems Swelling in the arms and legs Swollen tongue Weak hand grip Weight loss or weight gain Other symptoms that may occur with this disease: Decreased urine output Diarrhea Hoarseness[] A series of 340 carriers of the TTRVal30Met mutation (180 symptomatic and 160 asymptomatic) underwent a neuropsychological assessment, which included the Dementia Rating Scale[] Amyloid in soft tissues can lead to macroglossia, hoarseness, salivary gland or submandibular gland enlargement, subcutaneous nodules, lymphadenopathy, or arthropathy.[]

  • Jugular Foramen Syndrome

    A 46-year-old male patient was evaluated for hoarseness. It was learnt from his anamnesis that he had been operated for otitis media nearly 20 years ago.[] […] a case of a 74-year-old man who presented with progressive dysphagia and dysarthria and was also found to have tongue deviation on the right side, left palatal droop and hypophonia[] A 86-year-old woman with dementia, gait and speech disturbance, and right hemiparesis. No To Shinkei 1995;47:803-12. 87. Ebadi H, Fathi D.[]

  • Parkinsonian Disorder

    The voice becomes quivery, jerky or strained and hoarse as a result.[] Patients often have one or several of the following signs: Tremor, or rhythmic unintentional movement Rigidity, or stiffness Bradykinesia, or a sense of slowing down in general Hypophonia[] The distribution of diagnoses was as follows: n 13, Parkinson's disease (PD); n 3, dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB); n 1, dementia (unspecified; profound); n 2, multiple system[]

  • Extrapyramidal Disorder

    Hypophonia is a pathological loss of power in the voice. 26-1. What are the functions of the extrapyramidal system? Answer 26-1.[] The vocal cords may spasm (dysphonia) making the voice choppy, quavery, breathy or cause a hoarse sounding noise when breathing in (stridor).[] Clinical phenomena usually consist of a mixture of lower and upper motor neuron signs, dementia, and urinary dysfunction.[]

  • Dermatomyositis

    Her symptoms progressed, including severe dysphagia, hypophonia and weakness preventing sitting.[] […] those closest to the body such as neck, stomach, upper arms, and legs Hardened lumps or sheets of calcium ( calcinosis ) under the skin Trouble swallowing ( dysphagia ) Hoarse-sounding[] It can lead to... 28 Members Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia and characterized by progressive cognitive deterioration with[]

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