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484 Possible Causes for Dengue Fever, Eye Pain

  • Influenza

    They have aches and pains throughout the body, particularly in the back and legs. Headache is often severe, with aching around and behind the eyes.[] Each of these viruses is capable of causing nonspecific febrile illnesses, classic dengue fever and dengue haemorrhagic fever (Gubler 1998).[] Patients may report nonproductive cough, cough-related pleuritic chest pain, and dyspnea. In children, diarrhea may be a feature.[]

  • Measles

    Affected individuals also experience fever, cough, cold, muscle pain, sore throat, conjunctivitis, bloodshot eyes and sensitivity to light.[] fever and measles.[] Scarlet fever . Human herpesvirus type 7 . Kawasaki disease . Meningococcaemia . Toxic shock syndrome . Dengue fever . Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) .[]

  • Insect Bite

    Symptoms include high fever, headache, pain behind the eyes and nosebleeds. Symptoms usually appear within 4 to 6 days after being bitten.[] This will usually relieve the pain (Caution: don’t use near the eye) If not available, use a baking soda solution on a cotton ball If neither is available, apply an ice cube[] Mosquitos are also common in many countries and can carry a range of diseases, including malaria, dengue fever and various viruses and parasites.[]

  • Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

    , visual disorder, eye pain, headache, and nausea.[] Ocular complications in dengue fever are uncommon but may result in visual loss.[] She rated the pain as a “9” out of “10” on a pain scale; she described the pain as constant, with throbbing behind her left eye.[]

  • Conjunctivitis

    All patients with a history of contact lens wear and red flag symptoms such as eye pain, redness, reduction or change in vision, corneal epithelial defect, discharge, foreign[] Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis) Symptom Eye Pain Eye pain is often described as burning, sharp, shooting, dull, gritty, a feeling of "something in my eye," aching, pressure, throbbing[] Patients often complain of difficulty in opening the eyes in the mornings and pain upon straining the eyes.[]

  • Viral Meningitis

    […] rash Eye pain when your child looks into bright lights Sleepiness or confusion How is viral meningitis diagnosed?[] fever [classical dengue] A91 Dengue hemorrhagic fever A92 Other mosquito-borne viral fevers A92.0 Chikungunya virus disease A92.1 O'nyong-nyong fever Reimbursement claims[] Symptoms of meningitis Meningitis is commonly manifested by: severe headache vomiting high fever stiffness of the neck sensitivity and eye pain on exposure to light skin rash[]

  • Q Fever

    , drenching sweats, muscle pain and acute weight loss.[] The objective of this study was to look for the presence of Coxiella burnetii during a dengue fever outbreak in the municipality of Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where[] .- Deer Fly Fever.- Dekubitalgeschwür.- Dellwarze.- Deltahepatitis.- Dematiaceae.- Demodex spp..- Demodikose.- Dengue-Fieber.- Dengue-hämorrhagisches-Fieber (DHF).- Dengue-Schock-Syndrom[]

  • Bell's Palsy

    , increased sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis), disorders in taste, pain in the ear, inability to close the eye lids, facial muscle weakness, eye pain, blurred vision and[] Dengue fever is a very common arthropod - borne infection in tropical countries.[] Eye drops for affected eye Medications such as steroids to reduce inflammation of nerve and decrease pain Surgery (in rare cases to improve appearance) Treatment of underlying[]

  • Viral Hepatitis

    […] taste for cigarettes in smokers After several days other symptoms may follow: nausea and vomiting foul breath, bitter taste in the mouth darkened urine yellowish skin and eyes[] " (dengue, hantavirus, yellow fever).[] , and jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).[]

  • Compartment Syndrome

    A previously healthy woman presented to the Emergency Department complaining of unilateral eye pain after nose blowing.[] A 44-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with dengue fever. She developed a haematoma in the right arm at the site of a previous arterial line insertion.[] Abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) is an uncommon complication of dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF), described so far only in association with fluid refractory shock and high-volume[]

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