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79 Possible Causes for Denial, Self Mutilation, Vertigo

  • Hysterical Neurosis

    […] hysterical 300.11 Tremor 781.0 hysterical 300.11 Tumor (M8000/1) - see also Neoplasm, by site, unspecified nature phantom 300.11 Vaginismus (reflex) 625.1 hysterical 300.11 Vertigo[] It excludes certain specific activities from awareness and hence is similar to the defense of denial.[] The question items with high independent coefficients were manipulation (0.4416), intolerance of aloneness (0.3797), demanding nature (0.3768), self-mutilation (0.3609), visual[]

  • Neurotic Disorder

    […] conscious part of the mind (the ego) tries to deflect the emergence into consciousness of the repressed mental contents through the use of defense mechanisms such as repression, denial[] mutilation Clinical Information Class of mental disorders milder than psychosis, including hysteria, fugue, obsession, phobia, etc.[] Self-mutilation The act of injuring one's own body to the extent of cutting off or permanently destroying a limb or other essential part of a body.[]

  • Hospital Addiction Syndrome

    In majority of cases, confrontation of the patients leads to denials of manufacturing a disease.[] […] to central nervous system depression. 8 Psychomotor symptoms include drowsiness, poor concentration, ataxia, dysarthria, motor incoordination, diplopia, muscle weakness, vertigo[] Vertigo. Once the patient experiences these unwanted side effects, they’ll likely be deterred from drinking alcohol while on the medication.[]

  • Cannabis Type Drug Dependence

    Samantha Edwards, spokeswoman for the DHHS, confirmed the department’s denial of Julia’s petition.[] Vertigo. Constipation, diarrhoea, dry mouth, glossodynia, mouth ulceration, nausea, oral discomfort, oral pain, vomiting.[] If someone you love is abusing marijuana, they may be in denial about the drug’s potency, or their addiction.[]

  • Schizophrenia

    It is organized denial of truth that allows them to do so.[] Birds obsess ; horses on occasion get pathologically compulsive; dolphins and whales—especially those in captivity—self-mutilate.[] Official journal of the Danubian Psychiatric Association Issue highlights 2018 - Vol. 30, No. 4 FORBIDDEN INSANITY: THE SYSTEMATIC DENIAL OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES FROM A STATE-RUN[]

  • Conversion Disorder

    […] promise to them of something more certain touches them more intimately than the advantages we assume they think they have — our liberal perspective one more burden, one more denial[] Anxiety Disorder Dysthymia Simple Phobia Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Major Depression Borderline Personality Disorder Childhood emotional/sexual abuse Physical Neglect Self-mutilated[] Interestingly, denial was high in both patient groups, coexisting with affective symptoms in the conversion patients but not in the neurological patients (19).[]

  • Eating Disorder

    His somatic complaints were characterized by positional vertigo, tinnitus, weakness, feeling that the head is moving up and down and reeling of head.[] Denial of hunger. Development of food rituals (e.g. eating foods in certain orders, excessive chewing, rearranging food on a plate).[] Pointedly, dermatophagia is a neurotic habit or compulsion to self mutilate one's skin or appendages with one's teeth.[]

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

    They also may show intense fear, helplessness, anger, sadness, horror or denial.[] […] computed tomography (CT) imaging scan, patients can eventually develop a complex clinical profile involving neurological symptoms such as: chronic headaches, dizziness, vertigo[] This review presents a case report of a 19-year-old male patient with a spectrum of severe PTSD symptoms, such as intense flashbacks, panic attacks, and self-mutilation, who[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Dizziness embracing vertigo, unsteadiness and imbalance are common in the elderly, so is generalized anxiety disorder, which is a common psychiatric problem in later life.[] Be prepared for denial or defensive behavior .[] They are usually psychotic in nature (e.g. paranoid delusions, visual or auditory hallucinations, delusions of reference, behavioural disorders with aggressiveness, self-mutilation[]

  • Foreign Body in the Ear

    The patient experienced intermittent vertigo for 2 months and headaches for 3 months post-op.[] This denial could easily result in a delay of its discovery and increase the risk of complications.[] […] ears as a form of native remedy. [5] Also, some adults with psychiatric disorders present to the emergency department with foreign bodies lodged in their ears as a form of self-mutilation[]

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