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11 Possible Causes for Dental Abscess, Premature Loss of Teeth, Suppurative Inflammation

  • Periodontitis

    Chronic nonsuppurative inflammation is PERIAPICAL GRANULOMA. Suppurative inflammation is PERIAPICAL ABSCESS.[] A common problem on some sheep farms causing premature loss of teeth and culling of the sheep. The specific cause is undetermined. Called also peridentitis.[] […] sore (herpes labialis) Dental abscess Dental plaque Denture Irritations and Infections Denture stomatitis (prosthetic stomatitis) Dry socket Erosion Fluorosis (dental) Gingival[]

  • Gingivitis

    Periodontitis spreads to your tissue and bone under your teeth’s visible layer, causing tooth loss.[] Usually, painful, sore gums are caused by something else, maybe poor brushing technique or a dental abscess.[] Brian McKay / REFERENCES: American Dental Association (ADA): "Abscess (Toothache)", "Bad Breath", "Crowns", "Dental Materials", "Dry Mouth", "Dry Socket", "Gum Disease[]

  • Pyorrhea

    […] of the peridental membrane Riggs’ disease Chronic suppurative pericementitis 14.[] In very advanced periodontitis, the teeth can actually fall out or may have to be removed because of infection. Gum disease is the major cause of premature tooth loss.[] […] sore (herpes labialis) Dental abscess Dental plaque Denture Irritations and Infections Denture stomatitis (prosthetic stomatitis) Dry socket Erosion Fluorosis (dental) Gingival[]

  • Juvenile Periodontitis

    Non-destructive phase: Tissues appear pink with some stippling Lack of inflammation Probing will reveal deep pockets Bone & attachment levels relatively stable Some[] Other symptoms are rare except in patients with HIV infection or in whom abscesses develop, in which case pain and swelling are common.[] The majority of patients with adult periodontitis are relatively straightforward cases to treat for the general dental practitioner.[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    SUPPURATIVE inflammation of the flexor tendons of the hand presents a controversial problem, and one that has not been solved surgically.The incidence and complications of[] loss of both deciduous and permanent teeth.[] Along with dental abscesses, subcutaneous abscesses are the most common site for abscess formation.[]

  • Dental Caries

    Ludwig described indurated edema of the submandibular and sublingual areas with minimal throat inflammation but without lymph node involvement or suppuration.[] Premature loss of deciduous teeth may shift the adjacent teeth, hindering eruption of their permanent successors.[] Dental caries are often categorized into 1 : occlusional: affect the chewing surface approximal: occur between teeth Complications dental abscess osteomyelitis infection of[]

  • Pyogenic Liver Abscess

    inflammation, 040021, 炎症, エンショウ(ビョウキ), inflammation, 010541, エンショウ, 細菌感染症, サイキンカンセンショウ, bacterial infection(disease), 012784, bacterial infection, 胸膜疾患, キョウマクシッカン(ロクマク),[] loss of both deciduous and permanent teeth.[] A periapical abscess in the upper left molar area was seen on his dental X-ray.[]

  • Tibia Varum

    Reiter in 1916 Rheumatoid Arthritis Chronic inflammatory disease in which non suppurative inflammation of diarthrodial joints is associated with a variety of extra articular[] Diaphyseal and metaphyseal fractures are common.Some affected children have premature loss of deciduous teeth, starting with incisors and then loss of other teethwith intact[] X-linked affected individuals frequently present the following characteristics: short stature, lower-extremity deformity, bone pain, dental abscesses, impairment of hearing[]

  • Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis

    (makes blood proteins heavier) ESR rises in inflammation, tissue degen., suppuration, necrosis, pregnancy only boys, causes eczema, low platelets, deficiency of B and T cells[] abscess.[] Choe CH, Eckstein LA, Vagefi MR: Orbital inflammation after dental procedures. Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg 2012;28:e113-e115.[]

  • Recurrent Infection due to Specific Granule Deficiency

    ., Chromobacterium violaceum ; often hard to culture organism; excessive inflammation with granulomas, frequent lymph node suppuration; granulomas can obstruct GI or GU tracts[] Ulcerative stomatitis and severe periodontal disease, leading to premature loss of teeth are very frequent problems.[] The subject is an 8 year old male with infections since birth including recurrent abscesses, chronic cellulitis, recurrent sinopulmonary infections, and profound dental decay[]

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