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2,103 Possible Causes for Dental Caries, Early Repolarization, Myoclonic Jerking

  • Cocaine Abuse

    A 48-year-old woman with a history of chronic intranasal cocaine abuse presented with unilateral proptosis associated with severe visual loss from optic neuropathy in the right eye. Imaging showed extensive bone and soft tissue destruction in the paranasal region and an orbital mass. Initial biopsies suggested a[…][]

  • Hypoparathyroidism

    caries).[] […] affecting the teeth including the underdevelopment of the hard outer layer of the teeth (enamel hypoplasia), malformation of the roots and an increased risk of cavities (dental[]

    Missing: Early Repolarization
  • SHORT Syndrome

    Delayed dentition, hypodontia, enamel hypoplasia, malocclusion and multiple dental caries are frequently reported. Ophthalmic anomalies (e.g.[] Myoclonic seizures (brief shock-like jerks of a muscle or group of muscles) appear between 1 and 5 years in 85% of children with Dravet syndrome.[] High prevalence of early repolarization in short QT syndrome. Heart Rhythm 2010;7:647-52.[]

  • Bruxism

    Clinical oral evaluations of the children to determine dental caries, traumatic dental injuries, malocclusion and tooth wear were performed by two researchers who had undergone[] Videopolysomnography revealed myoclonic jerks involving the masticatory and facial muscles recurring mainly during NREM sleep.[] The exclusion criteria were: dental caries, early tooth loss, systemic and/or mental developmental disorders (including diseases of the endocrine and metabolic systems) and[]

    Missing: Early Repolarization
  • Alzheimer Disease

    Xi Chen, Xian-Jin Xie and Lixi Yu, The pathway from cognitive impairment to caries in older adults, The Journal of the American Dental Association, 10.1016/j.adaj.2018.07.015[] After 36 hours of donepezil remission, the frequency of the myoclonic jerks was sharply reduced. The patient remains asymptomatic after 6 months of follow-up.[]

    Missing: Early Repolarization
  • Dementia

    Suboptimal oral health (gingivitis, dental caries, tooth loss, edentulousness) appears to be associated with increased risk of developing cognitive impairment and dementia[]

    Missing: Early Repolarization
  • Early Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy Type 6

    She had several dental caries with acute symptoms requiring immediate treatment.[] As the affected children grow up, they develop myoclonic jerking, and their seizures may become refractory to treatment. Synonym: severe myoclonic epilepsy of infancy[] Generalized ictal myoclonic jerks: The generalized ictal myoclonic jerks are always preceded by clear-cut spike-wave discharges.[]

    Missing: Early Repolarization
  • Wilson Disease

    […] lesions Abdominal imaging findings are neither sensitive nor specific Resting ECG abnormalities include left ventricular or biventricular hypertrophy, early repolarization[] jerking similar to that seen in progressive myoclonic syndrome.[] […] family members for an identified mutation detected in the index patient Brain imaging shows characteristic findings; MRI appears to be more sensitive than CT in detecting early[]

    Missing: Dental Caries
  • Hypocalcemia

    dental caries.[] jerks In more severe cases of hypocalcemia, findings can include: -Laryngospasm and stridor -Tetany -Altered mental status -Apnea -Seizures -Hypotension -Decreased myocardial[] caries).[]

    Missing: Early Repolarization
  • Mohr Syndrome

    From a dental standpoint, individuals have high caries susceptibility, periodontal disease, malposed teeth and malocclusion.[] OFD3: Autosomal recessive characterized by seesaw winking, polydactyly, myoclonic jerks and low-set ears.[] jerks (also occur) bulbous nose (may also occur) apparently low set ears (also occur) OFD IV (Buru-Baraister syndrome) Autosomal recessive tibial involvement (short tibia[]

    Missing: Early Repolarization

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