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36 Possible Causes for Dental Caries, Hepatomegaly, Postural Defect

  • Cockayne Syndrome

    caries.[] It also showed hepatomegaly and altered vertebral bodies. The ribs and clavicles were thinned with sclerosis at the margins.[] It consists of: Treatment of specific signs and symptoms: Physiotherapy to loosen joints, correct posture defects, and keep muscles supple Medication to relax spastic muscles[]

  • Amyloidosis

    Hepatic involvement is common, but the clinical manifestations are usually mild with hepatomegaly and an elevated alkaline phosphatase level.[] Flies carrying mutant variants, but not wild-type TTR, exhibit changes in wing posture, locomotor defects, and shortened life span.[] […] that presents to a cancer care provider with nephrotic range proteinuria, heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy, unexplained hepatomegaly[]

  • Singleton Merten Syndrome

    MMP13 polymorphism decreases risk for dental caries.[] […] in the newborn period 516 Hepatomegaly in children General overview 517 Hepatomegaly with portal hypertention and obstructive jaundice 519 Liver calcifications in the pediatric[] Postural unsteadiness is evident when patients begin walking.[]

  • Homocystinuria

    As far as dental caries is concerned, the patient's DMFT is 4 (D 4, M 0, F 0).[] […] inborn error of metabolism of sulfur amino acids due to lack of the enzyme cystathionine synthase; it is characterized by homocystine in the urine and by mental retardation, hepatomegaly[] Many, if not all, patients have some type of hepatic involvement which may produce mild hepatomegaly with imaging characteristics and/or biopsied pathology of fatty infiltration[]

  • Periodic Sialadenosis

    Modern theory of caries development Dental caries is a disease of dental hard tissues with a multifactorial aetiology.[] ) M41.9 Scoliotic pelvis Scorbutus, scorbutic - see also Scurvy Scotoma (arcuate) (Bjerrum) (central) (ring) - see also Defect, visual field, localized, scotoma Scratch -[] 093.89 valve (see also Syphilis, endocarditis) 093.20 hemianesthesia 094.89 hemianopsia 095.8 hemiparesis 094.89 hemiplegia 094.89 hepatic artery 093.89 hepatitis 095.3 hepatomegaly[]

  • Craniodiaphyseal Dysplasia

    Oral hygiene of the patient was poor, dental caries was present in multiple teeth, and severe malocclusion was seen.[] […] characterized clinically by low birth weight, failure to thrive, growth retardation, transient intrahepatic cholestasis, multiple aminoacidemia, galactosemia, hypoproteinemia, hepatomegaly[] In some cases, a postural defect in the metaphyses may also be noted.[]

  • Spondylitic Aortitis

    .- Dental Caries.- Muckle-Wells Syndrome.- Ectopic Ossification After Total Hip Replacement.- Ossification After Spinal Cord Injury.- Relapsing Polychondritis.- Clubfoot ([] Hepatitis Alcoholic, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis C Virus, Hepatitis Cholestatic, Hepatitis Fulminant, Hepatitis Toxic, Hepatobiliary Disease, Hepatocellular Damage, Hepatomegaly[] pericarditis Apical pulmonary fibrosis 13 14 Inspection : Posture (spine & lower limbs) Palpation : Sacroiliac joints Chest expantion Range of movement : Finger to floor[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Prognathism

    ), tooth crown malformation, dental caries, and facial paralysis.[] Other features reported include high birth weight, macrocephaly, pinealoma, hepatomegaly, inguinal hernia and cryptorchidism.[] Mandibular prognathism cases have been associated with various environmental etiologies, such as: enlarged tonsils (Angle, 1907); endocrine imbalances (Downs, 1928); posture[]

  • Cutis Laxa

    caries, large fontanelles and osteoporosis (2, 6).[] In a family with four infants born to the same consanguineous parents all children presented at birth with dysmorphic features, cutis laxa and hypertrichosis, hepatomegaly[] Dystonic posturing was discriminatory for PYCR1 and ALDH18A1 defects. Metabolic markers of mitochondrial dysfunction were found in one patient with PYCR1 mutations.[]

  • Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy Type 2

    Children with CP may be more prone to caries and may need anesthesia for some dental procedures. Caries may lead to food refusal and systemic disease if untreated.[] […] leukoencephalopathy Rieger anomaly Right hemiplegia Retinal arterial tortuosity Heterogeneous Respiratory distress Kyphosis Hypertension Polycoria Posterior leukoencephalopathy Hepatomegaly[] […] resulting from defects in the developing central nervous system.[]

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