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3 Possible Causes for Depressed Nasal Root and Bridge - 'Saddle Nose

  • Hidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

    […] hypoplastic alae nasi nasal mucosa atrophy ozena depressed nasal root and bridge (’saddle nose’) decreased palatal depth prominent lips hypodontia adontia microdontia conical[] […] prominent supraorbital ridges scand-absent eyebrows periorbital wrinkles periorbital hyperpigmentation absent tears absent miebomian glands scant-absent eyelashes small nose[]

  • Adactyly of Foot

    nasal root and tip Comments:Note the difference from Depressed nasal bridge.[] Replaces: Potato Nose Pear-shaped Nose Nasal Tip, Bulbous Definition: Nasal Ridge, Concave Objective: Nasal ridge curving posteriorly to an imaginary line that connects the[] Replaces: Saddle Nose Ski Jump Nose Objective: Tongue with a median apical indentation or fork Comments:Bifid tongue can be associated with Ankyloglossia, but this should[]

  • Dermo-Odonto Dysplasia

    , and crown dysmorphism (such as conical teeth) and reduced salivary flow is seen. [2], [4], [5] Very rarely, one or both jaws may be edentulous. [4] A depressed nasal bridge[] (saddle nose) gives the impression of a small sized face. [5] Treatment is symptomatic management that involves multidisciplinary approaches as oral rehabilitation, restorative[] […] unexplained pyrexia and heat intolerance occur due to anhidrosis due to their diminished ability to sweat. [4], [5] Intraorally, multiple missing teeth especially permanent teeth, root[]

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