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107 Possible Causes for Depressed Nasal Tip, Nasal Pain

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  • Nasal Fracture

    Deformity following nasal trauma hump, a wide nasal dorsum, depresson of the nasal dorsum, depression of the cartilaginous tip, deviation of the nose, splaying of the tip,[] Symptoms of nasal injury The patient may present complaining of nasal pain, nasal deformity, difficulty breathing through the nose as well as bleeding from the nose.[] Fractures of the cartilaginous pyramid, with or without dislocation of the upper laterals For depressed tip or flail lateral fractures that are unstable despite closed reduction[]

  • Deviated Nasal Septum

    […] in the middle of your nose), or your nasal tip can droop down.[] Others may lead to contact points that may result in nasal or sinus pain.[] Nasal congestion, pain, drainage, or swelling may occur within the first few days after the surgery.[]

  • Nasal Septum Ulceration

    .  Septal cartilage lies in a groove in the anterior edge of vomer and rests anteriorly on anterior nasal spine  Its destruction leads to drooping of nasal tip and depression[] Learn more: A: Deviated septum and nasal pain Since the nasal pain is only two weeks in duration, it is probably unrelated to your nasal trauma many years ago.[] Tip, red and "knobby.". Cancer of nose. Typical Aurum has the most extreme depression, even to suicide. Mercurius. Nasal bones swollen. Greenish, fetid pus from nose.[]

  • Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome

    nasal tip Caved in nasal tip Depressed tip of nose Flat nasal tip Flat tip of nose Flattened nasal tip Nasal tip, depressed [ more ] 0000437 Downslanted palpebral fissures[] […] myoclonic seizures Hemiclonic seizures Febrile seizures Abnormal corpus callosum morphology Epileptic encephalopathy Cortical dysplasia Coloboma Absence seizures Impaired pain[] Language development deficit Late-onset speech development Poor language development Speech and language delay Speech and language difficulties Speech delay [ more ] 0000750 Depressed[]

  • Nose Surgery

    […] the bridge Nasal tip that is large or bulbous, drooping, or too upturned Nostrils that are large, wide or upturned Nasal asymmetry and deviation Rhinoplasty may be performed[] During this period, the patient may experience some nasal pain or a dull headache, as well as some bleeding and drainage from the nose.[] […] on the bridge Nasal tip that is enlarged or bulbous, drooping, upturned or hooked Nostrils that are large, wide or upturned Nasal asymmetry If you desire a more symmetrical[]

  • Fracture of the Cribriform Plate

    Telescoping of the nasal dorsum into the ethmoidal region ( Fig. 12-3 ) and the lack of distal support lead to nasal tip elevation.[] If this occurs it will give you nasal obstruction and pain and need treating by draining the blood away soon after it happened.[] It is common to have progressive worsening bilateral nasal obstruction with increasing pain, headache and malaise. There may be fevers and purulent nasal discharge.[]

  • Cleft Lip

    The nasal tip is depressed on the side of the cleft causing significant asymmetry.[] After surgery for cleft palate: Your child may experience more discomfort and pain with cleft palate repair than cleft lip repair. Your child may have nasal congestion.[] Nasal deformity can be dealt with by a procedure known as the McComb nasal tip plasty, which elevates the depressed nasal dome and rim.[]

  • Cleft Palate

    Nasal deformity can be dealt with by a procedure known as the McComb nasal tip plasty, which elevates the depressed nasal dome and rim.[] Each adjustment is very small and causes no pain to the baby. Once the cleft in the gums has been reduced to about a quarter of an inch a nasal stent is placed.[] For two to three days, your child will feel mild pain that can be relieved by a nonaspirin pain medication. A prescription medication may also be given for use at home.[]

  • Chronic Granulomatous Rhinitis

    […] airflow—(e.g metal spatula misting in young children) Depressed nasal bridge—post surgery, granulomatous polyangiitis or cocaine misuse Widened bridge; polyps Purple nasal[] Sometimes, this type of rhinitis can become chronic, causing ongoing discolored nasal discharge, facial pain and pressure (sinusitis). Foods and beverages.[] […] drainage Pain/Pressure over the face Runny nose Patients often have tried numerous courses of antibiotics, allergy medications , and nasal sprays with nominal or only transient[]

  • Myospherulosis

    , tip depression, deviation, and short nose.[] These swellings were painful and develop in relation to skeletal muscle. Possibly ? iatrogenic.[] Moreover, eight patients (12.5%) suffered postoperative nasal breathing problems, and six patients (9.4%) had revision surgery, with four others (6.3%) giving serious consideration[]

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