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136 Possible Causes for Depression, Dysphasia and Aphasia, Memory Impairment

  • Alzheimer Disease

    The MCI patients showed impairment of everyday memory tasks requiring delayed recall.[] Relative to those without depression, "amyloid-associated depression," defined by presence of depression and a high plasma Abeta(40):Abeta(42) ratio, was associated with greater[] CONCLUSIONS: Memory impairment is a more accurate predictor of early AD than atrophy of MTL on MRI , whereas CSF abnormalities and memory impairment are about equally predictive[]

  • Dementia

    The use of antidepressants in dementia accompanied by depressive symptoms is widespread, but their clinical efficacy is uncertain.[] The mechanisms underlying age-associated memory impairment are, however, not understood.[] We aimed to identify predictors of misclassification by 3 brief cognitive assessments; the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), Memory Impairment Screen (MIS) and animal[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    This analysis confirms that depression is common in persons with MS: the incidence of CES-D depression in the first 6 months of follow-up was 15.6%.[] Additionally, there is also evidence that CBD may reduce the negative psychotropic effects, memory impairment, and appetite stimulation, anxiety and psychotic-like states[] […] or ataxia, memory impairment, and somnolence.[]

  • Migraine

    (retrosplenial cortex 41 ), muscle weakness and impaired motor coordination (motor cortex 42 ), attention deficits (parietal association cortex 43 ), and visual disturbances[] RESULTS: The frequencies of depressive symptoms and fibromyalgia in the patients with migraine were higher than those of the control group.[] CONCLUSION: The positive correlation observed between migraine-related disability and co-morbid depression warrant routine screening and treatment of disability and depression[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    Since the onset of head trauma, she had shown continuous depression and on 32 month evaluation, she exhibited severe depression (Beck Depression Inventory-II: 42 [full score[] These may include motor dysfunction (paralysis, balance or gait abnormalities), cognitive impairment (amnesia, disorientation, confusion), speech defects (aphasia, dysphasia[] RATIONALE: We report on a patient who showed delayed degeneration of the left fornical crus with verbal memory impairment following mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), which[]

  • Stroke

    There was some evidence of benefit of pharmacotherapy in terms of a complete remission of depression and a reduction (improvement) in scores on depression rating scales, but[] This is called aphasia and is sometimes also known as dysphasia.[] Memory impairments are common after stroke, and the anatomical basis for impairments may be quite variable.[]

  • Transient Global Amnesia

    Results Disorientation and memory deficits were more common in transient global amnesia patients, whereas dysphasia/aphasia and vertigo were more common in hippocampal infarction[] Baclofen-induced amnesia in rodents is a reliable model of memory impairment. In contrast, baclofen-induced memory impairment in humans is uncommon.[] RESULTS: Patients displayed a more depressed mood than controls.[]

  • Boxer's Dementia

    This approach emphasizes the importance of looking at the other functional impacts of these manifestations (e.g. cognitive deficits secondary to depression, orthodopaedic[] impairment after heading.[] It does not include loss of intellectual functioning caused by clouding of consciousness (as in delirium ), depression, or other functional mental disorder ( pseudodementia[]

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    Respiratory depression is a serious adverse effect of alcohol intoxication; however, current monitoring practices may not adequately detect respiratory depression.[] Gait disturbance, cognitive dysfunction (memory impairment) nausea, vomiting, visual deficits (diplopia, mydriasis), and hypothermia are symptoms encountered in more pronounced[] The cardiovascular system becomes depressed, leading to depression of the vasomotor center in the brain and to hypotension.[]

  • CADASIL Syndrome

    The onset of psychiatric disorder was a depressive episode in our case.[] impairment are more likely to be: older, men, low education level • Encoding retrieval in 20%; but usually similar to vascular dementia 8.[] She later developed progressive memory impairment and gait ataxia. She has a family history of hearing loss, migraine, early-onset dementia and gait imbalance.[]

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