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1,054 Possible Causes for Dermatographia, Hypersensitive to Stimuli, Neutrophil Count Increased

  • Urticaria

    Commonly, acute urticaria has an allergic basis as a type I hypersensitivity state mediated by IgE.[] Other causes include: infections, including viruses exercise anxiety or stress sun exposure exposure to cold, such as cold water or snow contact with chemicals scratching (dermatographia[] Pressure Urticaria –Pressure urticaria is a form of hives and wheals that develop in response to physical pressure (similar to dermatographia).[]

  • Adult-Onset Still Disease

    increased white blood cell count in the blood.[] C for at least 1 week Joint pain for at least 2 weeks Non-itchy salmon-colored skin rashes during episodes of fever Increased white blood cell (WBC) count with increase in[] The disease typically presents with joint pain, high fevers, a salmon-pink macular or maculopapular rash, enlargement of the liver and spleen, swollen lymph nodes, and a neutrophil-predominant[]

    Missing: Hypersensitive to Stimuli
  • Angioedema

    […] from external stimuli eg food, drugs, insect stings, pollen, animal dander; patients with known atopic conditions (asthma, eczema, hay fever, urticarial) are at higher risk[] ., dermatographia or cold urticaria) in that histologic studies reveal a prominent cellular infiltrate around small venules, with an increased number of mast cells.[] .  Angioedemas with identifiable etiologies include those caused by the following:  Hypersensitivity (eg, food, drugs, or insect stings)  Physical stimuli (eg, cold or[]

  • Systemic Mastocytosis

    count increased by 94.7 %.[] When activated by IgE or other stimuli, mast cells release preformed mediators of inflammation.[] […] usually occurs as a solitary lesion in infants. systemic mastocytosis signs and symptoms: constitutional; fatigue, fever, weight loss skin manifestations; urticaria, pruritus, dermatographia[]

  • Cerebral Hemorrhage

    Immediate hypersensitivity reactions that are well-established physiologic responses to either environmental exogenous or endogenous or direct physico-chemical noxious stimuli[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    Main feature: gradual increase in leukocyte count See too many neutrophils at various stages of maturation, granulocytosis with all granulocytic precursors, and there is characteristic[] Clonality is well described in the setting of lymphomatoid hypersensitivity, reflecting an overzealous response to antigenic stimuli.[] The risk factors for thrombotic events include elevated red blood cell counts, higher haemoglobin levels, an increased percentage of nucleated neutrophils at the time of diagnosis[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Sweet Syndrome

    Thus, despite low absolute neutrophil counts, the accumulation of neutrophils in skin lesion increased rapidly and the ND manifestations may develop [ 7 ].[] Clonality is well described in the setting of lymphomatoid hypersensitivity, reflecting an overzealous response to antigenic stimuli.[] , rather than the absolute number, is thought to be significant because patients with Sweet syndrome due to G-CSF develop lesions as the neutrophil count rapidly increases[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Sickle Cell Disease

    During hydroxyurea treatment, the white-cell count, absolute neutrophil count, and absolute reticulocyte count significantly decreased, reflecting the intended mild bone marrow[] A TRPV1 channel antagonist A-425619 completely reversed the nociceptor sensitization and partially blocked the behavioral hypersensitivity to mechanical stimuli in sickle[] […] fetal hemoglobin (HbF) concentration while hemolysis was diminished and neutrophil counts fell. 3, 4 In SCA, HbF levels are inversely related to mortality. 1 Decreased morbidity[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Dressler Syndrome

    […] shoulder, Depersonalization disorder Diabetic neuropathy Dislocation, Depression Diabetic retinopathy Disorganized schizophrenia, Dermatitis Diaper rash Dissociative disorders, Dermatographia[]

    Missing: Hypersensitive to Stimuli
  • Penile Cellulitis

    […] medications that can cause swelling of the foreskin or its remnants. 95 The loose, areolar connective tissue of the foreskin may swell dramatically in response to various stimuli[] […] cellulitis, fungal infections ( Candida albicans ), insect bites (especially chigger bites), various tourniquets (hair, metal, rubber bands), contact dermatitis, and local hypersensitivity[]

    Missing: Dermatographia