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2,261 Possible Causes for Dermatographia, Patient Appears Acutely Ill, Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome

  • Urticaria

    Other causes include: infections, including viruses exercise anxiety or stress sun exposure exposure to cold, such as cold water or snow contact with chemicals scratching (dermatographia[] Pressure Urticaria –Pressure urticaria is a form of hives and wheals that develop in response to physical pressure (similar to dermatographia).[]

    Missing: Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome
  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    Although a few cases are associated with inherited genetic syndromes (eg, Down syndrome ) or congenital immunodeficiencies (eg, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, ataxia-telangiectasia[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Food Allergy

    We compared allergic sensitization in patients with food allergy or Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) and defined whether spontaneous disease in Was -/- mice recapitulates the[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Enterococcus

    […] critical care ) 血流速度 ( blood flow velocity ) 配列解析 ( sequence analysis ) 病原性 ( virulence ) リアルタイムPCR ( real-time polymerase chain reaction ) 死亡率 ( mortality ) ウィスコット・アルドリッチ症候群 ( Wiskott-Aldrich[] syndrome ) 危険因子 ( risk factor ) 診断 ( diagnosis ) 発生率 ( incidence ) 表現型 ( phenotype ) 変異 ( mutation ) WebLSDに未収録の専門用語(用法)は "新規対訳" から投稿できます。[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    These include ataxia-telangiectasia, Chédiak-Higashi syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, and common variable immunodeficiency.[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Lingular Pneumonia

    In view of the patient's acute febrile illness, antibiotics were administered with the presumptive diagnosis of Round pneumonia.[] Limited numbers of cases have been associated with chromosomal abnormalities, autoimmune diseases, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, Bloom syndrome, Russell-Silver syndrome and celiac[] In view of the mass-like appearance, a follow up CXR is indicated.[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Palmar Abscess

    Patients appear acutely ill, and fever is common. Physical examination reveals skin changes that progress from an erythema to a blue-grey discoloration.[] […] diarrhea【白色下痢 白痢】 *white hairy tongue【白色毛状舌】 *white spongy nevus【白色海綿状母斑】 *whoop【レプリーゼ】 *whooping cough【百日咳】(pertussis) *Wilms' tumor【ウイルムス腫瘍】 *Wilson's disease【ウイルソン病】 *Wiskott-Aldrich[] syndrome【ウィスコット-アルドリック症候群】 *wrist joint pain【手関節痛】 (X) *xanthofibroma【黄色線維腫】 *xanthogranuloma【黄色肉芽腫】 *xanthoma【黄色腫】 *xanthomatosis【黄色腫症】 *xerasia【毛髪乾燥症】 *xeroderma【乾皮症】 *[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Campylobacter Enteritis

    We also report two typically mild cases of C. enteritis, a newborn infant with monosymptomatic bleeding in stools and diarrhea, and another 11-month-old, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Nonallergic Interstitial Nephritis

    […] disease Congenital immunodeficiency syndromes such as Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome or IgA deficiency Certain tumors, such as Hodgkin’s disease, also result in eosinophilia.[] Eosinophilic fasciitis Inflammatory bowel syndrome Sarcoidosis Rheumatoid arthritis Systemic lupus erythematosus Polyarteritisnodosa Immune disorders such as; Graft-versus-host[] […] rhinitis non-allergic rhinitis with eosinophilia syndrome (NARES) occupational pneumoconiosis urticaria milk protein allergy Connective tissue disorders such as; Dressler syndrome[]

    Missing: Dermatographia
  • Pseudomonas Septicemia

    Previous case reports describing P. aeruginosa sepsis in children with known PIDs, such as WiskottAldrich syndrome, X-linked agammaglobulinemia, cyclic neutropenia, and IRAK[]

    Missing: Dermatographia