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314 Possible Causes for Dermatomyositis, Down Syndrome, Pica

  • Baylisascariasis

    syndrome and pica Thiabendazole Died 16 1986 21 yr Oregon Developmental delay, pica/geophagia Not recorded Persistent residual deficits Cited in reference 10 1990 13 mo New[] Symptoms may mimic those of polyneuritis, acute anterior poliomyelitis, myasthenia gravis, meningitis, encephalitis, dermatomyositis, and polyarteritis nodosa.[] Although one previous case occurred in a child with Down syndrome (4) , which may have predisposed to pica, the underlying diagnosis was probably otherwise unrelated.[]

  • Hookworm Infection

    Down's syndrome.[] The symptoms, as first observed among the negroes, were pain in the stomach, capricious appetite, pica (or dirt-eating), obstinate constipation followed by diarrhoea, palpitations[] Some patients may have pica and ingest dirt, which puts them at further risk for infection and Wakana syndrome, characterized by and pharyngeal itching, hoarseness, nausea[]

  • Internal Auditory Artery Occlusion

    小脳歯状核に異常信号を示す疾患 65 2 大脳変性疾患 78 1 アルツハイマー病(Alzheimer disease: AD) 78 2 ダウン症候群(Down syndrome) 80 3 前頭側頭葉変性症(frontotemporal lobar degeneration: FTLD) 80 4 認知症を伴う筋萎縮性側索硬化症(ALS-dementia[] Dominance of AICA produces the well-known AICA-PICA variant. The reverse (PICA-AICA) is just as legitimate, with a small AICA and large PICA cortical supply.[] Subclavian Steal Syndrome results in VBI when blood is siphoned down the vertebral artery, away from the posterior circulation, to supply the upper extremities.[]

  • Strongyloidiasis

    Walker AC, Blake G, Downing D (1976) A Syndrome of Partial Intestinal Obstruction Due to Strongyloides Stercoralis. 9.[] In other two cases serology (ELISA) was negative: a HIV-infected person, who had larvae in stool and sputum [ 165 ] and a patient with dermatomyositis, under chronic treatment[] […] positive [ 139 ] 2008 none Yes positive [ 144 ] 2008 asthma Yes positive [ 101 ] 2009 heart transplant Yes negative [ 145 ] 2009 lung transplant Yes positive [ 92 ] 2010 dermatomyositis[]

  • Congenital Macroglossia

    Keywords Down Syndrome Prenatal Diagnosis Female Fetus Masticator Space Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors.[] […] reversible complex iv deficiency; reversible infantile cytochrome c oxidase deficiency; reversible infantile respiratory chain deficiency Related symptoms: Generalized hypotonia Pica[] […] years Gradual Clinical Subcutaneous fat loss Bilateral Head, Neck, arms & thorax Not legs Associated conditions: Complement C3 deficiency (11%) Glomerulonephritis (11%) Dermatomyositis[]

  • Pallister W Syndrome

    Down vs. Down’s NDSS uses the preferred spelling, Down syndrome, rather than Down’s syndrome.[] Peutz Jeghers Syndrome Peyronie's disease Pfeiffer syndrome Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Phenylketonuria Pheochromocytoma Phocomelia Syndrome Phosphoglycerate Kinase Deficiency Pica[] D Dandy Walker Malformation Darier Disease De Barsy Syndrome De Santis Cacchione Syndrome Degos Disease Dejerine Sottas Disease Depression Dercum Disease Dermatomyositis Devic[]

  • Oculopharyngodistal Myopathy

    Lacrimal sac fistula is seen in Down syndrome.[] MITOCHONDRIAL DNA DELETIONS, AUTOSOMAL DOMINANT 2; PEOA2 Is also known as progressive external ophthalmoplegia, autosomal dominant 2 Related symptoms: Autosomal dominant inheritance Pica[] MYOPATHIES WITH PROMINENT NECK EXTENSOR WEAKNESS Isolated neck extensor myopathy Dermatomyositis Polymyositis Inclusion body myositis Carnitine deficiency Facioscapulohumeral[]

  • Facial Dysmorphism-Immunodeficiency-Livedo-Short Stature Syndrome

    "Mucocutaneous disorders in children with down syndrome: case-controlled study". Genet. Couns. 22 (4): 385–92. PMID 22303799.[] MACROCEPHALY/AUTISM SYNDROME Is also known as ; Related symptoms: Autosomal dominant inheritance Intellectual disability Global developmental delay Pica Hypertelorism SOURCES[] […] disease, vasculitis Chemical/Poisoning No underlying causes Dental No underlying causes Dermatologic Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita, dermal vascular occlusion, dermatomyositis[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    Other Names & Coding Trisomy 21 Down's syndrome Translocation Down syndrome Mosaic Down syndrome ICD-10 coding Q90.0, trisomy 21, nonmosaicism (meiotic nondisjunction) Q90.1[] WITHOUT HEARING IMPAIRMENT, CLEFT LIP/PALATE, AND/OR MENTAL RETARDATION; COB1 Is also known as ; Related symptoms: Autosomal dominant inheritance Intellectual disability Pica[] SS may be associated with any of the following CTDs: RA SLE Progressive systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) Primary biliary cirrhosis Interstitial nephritis Polymyositis and dermatomyositis[]

  • Toxoplasmosis

    Recently, it has been suggested that Down syndrome may be caused by congenital T. gondii infection [182], Table 2.[] ; AU Abnormal Fetal Ultrasound; H Headache; NS Night Sweats; TRI trimester; Risk Factors: M Raw/Undercooked Meat; C Significant Cat Exposure; RM Raw Milk; G Gardening; P Pica[] In Case 2, a 56-year-old male patient with dermatomyositis, showed a visual defect caused by toxoplasmosis.[]

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