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2,084 Possible Causes for Descending Paralysis, Myasthenia Gravis, Unable to Close Mouth

  • Botulism

    INTRODUCTION: Clostridium botulinum is known to cause descending paralysis in infants throughout the world.[] Findings that distinguish botulism from myasthenia gravis: nausea/vomiting, poorly reactive pupils, and paralysis of accommodation. [Purvin V, Kawasaki A.[] paralysis and/or other symptoms, and reduce associated treatment costs to states.[]

  • Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome

    In its nontherapeutic form, the toxin is produced by bacteria and can cause a paralysis that starts with the muscles of the face and throat and descends over the rest of the[] AIM: To assess the treatment effects of rituximab in a population of patients with myasthenia gravis and Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome.[] What Is Myasthenia Gravis? Myasthenia gravis is a chronic condition that causes muscles to tire and weaken easily.[]

  • Myasthenia Gravis

    . 3 How common is myasthenia gravis?[] This temporary occurrence of symptoms is called transient neonatal myasthenia gravis . Myasthenia gravis affects about 20 per 100,000 people worldwide.[] What is myasthenia gravis? Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder of neuromuscular transmission characterised by fatigable muscle weakness.[]

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  • Myasthenic Crisis

    BACKGROUND: Thymectomy is considered the most effective treatment in patients with myasthenia gravis.[] PURPOSE: Thymectomy is the first-line therapy for thymomatous myasthenia gravis patients.[] OBJECTIVES: Total thymectomy should be performed on thymoma patients with myasthenia gravis.[]

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  • Succinylcholine

    Eisenkraft Anesthetic implications of myasthenia gravis Mt Sinai J Med, 69 (2002), pp. 31–37 Dillon FX.[] The abnormal sensitivity to relaxants is compared with observations reported in patients with myasthenia gravis and hemiparesis.[] gravis Adult: 0.6 mg/kg IV, IO (range 0.3-1.1 mg/kg) 3-4 mg/kg IM (max dose 150mg) Pediactric: Adolescents and older children: 1 mg/kg IV, IO Small children and infants 2mg[]

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  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    KEYWORDS: Acetylcholine receptor antibodies; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Immunological mechanisms; Myasthenia gravis; Neuromuscular junction[] Abstract We herein investigated the clinical features of three patients with anti-muscle-specific tyrosine kinase (MuSK) antibody-positive myasthenia gravis (MG), which was[] In addition, three patients with myasthenia gravis developed framework for ALS, suggesting the post-synaptic disability as a sign of early disease.[]

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  • Wound Botulism

    Wound botulism in 7 heroin 'skin poppers' produced ophthalmoplegia and descending paralysis.[] Wound botulism may be underdiagnosed because of confusion with inflammatory neuropathy or myasthenia gravis.[] This case report and discussion of wound botulism illustrate the following important points: Dysphagia, dysphonia, diplopia, and descending paralysis, in association with[]

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  • Tick Paralysis

    […] that the acute ascending or rare descending type of paralysis originally described by Landry is simply a form of poliomyelitis, whereas others contend that Landry's paralysis[] gravis.[] Botulism causes a descending neuromuscular paralysis with a preserved sensorium and ophthalmoplegia, and poliomyelitis has been nearly eradicated by vaccination worldwide[]

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  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    For example, in 1986, Ropper described patients who developed rapidly progressive oropharyngeal, neck and shoulder weakness that mimicked the descending paralysis seen in[] Many neurologists are unfamiliar with PCB, which is often misdiagnosed as brainstem stroke, myasthenia gravis or botulism.[] […] facial muscles and progresses down ( descending paraplegia ).[]

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  • Neuromuscular Junction Disorder

    In its nontherapeutic form, the toxin is produced by bacteria and can cause a paralysis that starts with the muscles of the face and throat and descends over the rest of the[] Transient neonatal myasthenia gravis is self-limited with a reported duration of 5 to 47 days with a mean duration of 18 days (133).[] 2 neuromascular junction diseases 1. myasthenia gravis 2.[]

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