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932 Possible Causes for development, perceptual

  • Dementia

    In general, a 'positive' IQCODE picked up patients who would go on to develop dementia (good sensitivity ), but mislabelled a number who did not develop dementia (poor specificity[] […] environments Inability to recognize familiar people, common objects, sounds, and so forth Inability to find objects in direct view, independent of visual acuity Other visuo-perceptual[] Perceptual Disturbances Perceptual disturbances in dementia can occur in every sensorial modality.[]

  • Otitis Media

    The algorithm developed here may prove to be useful in clinical care, research, and education concerning otitis media.[] Tone 2 and Tone 3 were the most perceptually difficult tones for children with or without OME-related hearing loss in all listening conditions.[] The development of improved animal models of M. catarrhalis disease and identification of a correlate of protection are needed to accelerate vaccine development.[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    Moreover, vulnerability to the later development of such disorders can be increased by stress or adversity during development (e.g., childhood neglect, abuse, or trauma).[] […] symptoms Confusion, inability to concentrate, decreased mental alertness, fatigability, intellectual impairment, impaired memory, sensory perception deficits, diminished perceptual-motor[] In this patient with LD the most important side effect of plasmapheresis was the development of cardiovascular complications.[]

  • Meningitis

    Abstract The Meningitis Vaccine Project, a so-called product development partnership, developed a new vaccine against bacterial meningitis, an inflammation of brain tissues[] […] cisternography requires the injection of a contrast medium via lumbar puncture, which is associated with a range of potential side effects such as headache, nausea, and temporary perceptual[] For the past decade, product development partnerships—which divide the multiple tasks of product development among partners in a network—have played an important role in increasing[]

  • Amblyopia

    Perceptual training protocols have been developed to optimise visual gains in this clinical population.[] Practicing certain visual tasks leads, as a result of a process termed "perceptual learning," to a significant improvement in performance.[] Abstract Research in the Visual Development Unit on "dorsal stream vulnerability' (DSV) arose from research in two somewhat different areas.[]

  • Impaired Childhood Development

    How indicators of impaired childhood development affect the risk of suicide behaviour before the age of 50 years are analysed in this study.[] Motor Development Hands Although the hands are a major perceptual organ, a blind infant has significant developmental delays in his ability to employ his hands functionally[] Child Development Program Braille Institute’s Child Development Program offers free early intervention services designed to educate families about the developmental needs[]

  • 46,XX Testicular Disorder of Sex Development 

    […] as SOX9, SOX3, and DAX1 was associated with testicular development.[] 萎縮性筋疾患 atrophic muscular disorder 注意欠如および破壊的行動障害 attention deficit and disruptive behavior disorder 注意欠陥多動障害 attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity 聴知覚障害 auditory perceptual[] 16 The Medical Management of Disorders of Sex Development 158 17 Surgical Treatment in Infancy 173 18 Laparoscopy for DSD 183 19 The Family 192 20 Genetic Counselling 203[]

  • Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

    It sounds like your son is making really good progress with his language development.[] Their histories and standard scores on perceptual and acoustic speech tasks met clinical and research criteria for CAS.[] ., perceptual and instrumentally-based biofeedback treatment techniques).[]

  • Sensory Deprivation

    Chapter: (p.301) Chapter 13 Sensory deprivation and the development of multisensory integration Source: Multisensory Development Brigitte Röder Publisher: Oxford University[] Weak correlations were found between HS-evoked perceptual distortion and level of dissociation in two regions (P 0.050).[] What are its impacts on human development? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this lesson, then test your knowledge with a quiz![]

  • Williams Syndrome

    Seven patients younger than 42 months were evaluated with the Bayley II Test for mental development index (MDI) and psychomotor development index (PDI).[] BACKGROUND: The purpose of the study was to describe sensorimotor profile and visual perceptual performance in school-aged (6-12 years) children with Williams syndrome (WS[] […] remainder of the article, we first consider early language acquisition, with a focus on speech production and perception, vocabulary acquisition, and communicative/pragmatic development[]

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