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211 Possible Causes for Diarrhea, Dyspnea, Parotitis

  • Angioedema

    After an exhaustive laboratory work-up, her diarrhea resolved only after the discontinuation of lisinopril.[] Herein, we report a rare case where a young healthy male initially presented with angioedema, lymphadenopathy and parotitis and later on developed neuropsychiatric manifestations[] On admission, there was no pharyngeal or laryngeal edema and no dyspnea. Treatment with glucocorticoids and antihistamines had no response.[]

  • Graves Disease

    Though quite rare, this disease can also manifest with gastrointestinal symptoms such as dysphagia, heartburn, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.[] High titers of mumps antibodies have been found in some patients with subacute thyroiditis, and occasionally parotitis or orchitis, usual in mumps, were associated with thyroiditis[] We report a 17-year-old male patient who presented with chest pain, dyspnea, and tachycardia.[]

  • Primary Myelofibrosis

    Besides abdominal swelling, other symptoms such as digestive disorders (diarrhea and constipation) heartburn, and indigestion triggered by fatty foods may also appear.[] Brousseau M, Parot-Schinkel E, Moles MP, Boyer F, Hunault M, et al. (2010) Practical application and clinical impact of the WHO histopathological criteria on bone marrow biopsy[] Dyspnea, tachycardia and dizziness are experienced in case of severe anemia.[]

  • Cor Pulmonale

    Other clinical signs that are very often observed, including growth retardation, fever, diarrhea, and secondary infections that define AIDS, may also appear late in the first[] We report the case of a 40-year-old woman who died after 3 days of progressive dyspnea, cough, and pulmonary hypertension.[] Abstract A 25-year-old woman with acute dyspnea was found to have nodular shadows in a chest X-ray film.[]

  • Mycobacterium Avium Complex

    This case shows that Mycobacterium avium complex infection should be considered even in an immunocompetent patient with diarrhea and skin lesions.[] To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of MAC parotitis in the setting of IRIS and clinicians should be aware of this condition.[] We present a case of 56-year-old male who was evaluated for worsening dyspnea and found to have right-sided chylous pleural effusion as well as worsening abdominal and retroperitoneal[]

  • Sarcoidosis

    Among those randomized to the CLEAR regimen, 1 developed diarrhea, 1 had joint pain, and 1 had insomnia.[] We report a case of the disease that presented with acute dacryoadenitis followed by acute parotitis.[] Respiratory muscle weakness occurs in sarcoidosis and is related to decreased exercise capacity, greater fatigue, dyspnea, and lower quality of life in sarcoidosis patients[]

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Here is a case of a 40-year lady who presented with diarrhea and vomiting that was unresponsive to treatment with intravenous antibiotics.[] KEYWORDS: Kikuchi lymphadenitis; Systemic lupus erythematosus; angioedema; neuropsychiatric lupus; parotitis[] Point-of-care ultrasound can be used to help identify the source of dyspnea in patients presenting to the emergency department.[]

  • Infective Endocarditis

    [26] [41] Enteropathogenic E. coli Vertical , in utero or at birth [26] Diarrhea in infants [26] Enteroinvasive E.coli (EIEC) Fecal-oral [55] bloody diarrhea and fever [41[] […] to infective endocarditis, these organisms have also known to cause wound infections (particularly of bite wounds), soft-tissue abscess, brain abscess, endophthalmitis, parotitis[] He was well, apart from episodes of dizziness and dyspnea after exercise during the previous 4 months.[]

  • Kaposi Sarcoma

    We report the case of a 45-year-old young woman with abdominal pain, episodic diarrhea and a mild weight loss.[] Acinic cell carcinoma Adenocarcinoma Adenoid cystic carcinoma Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma Lymphoma Mucoepidermoid carcinoma Sclerosing polycystic adenosis Sialadenitis Parotitis[] We report a 52-year-old Caucasian man with HIV/AIDS and Kaposi sarcoma who presented with dyspnea and pleural effusion.[]

  • Bacterial Endocarditis

    Cough, shortness of breath, joint pain, diarrhea, and abdominal or flank pain may be present.[] […] to infective endocarditis, these organisms have also known to cause wound infections (particularly of bite wounds), soft-tissue abscess, brain abscess, endophthalmitis, parotitis[] She had signs of infection resistant to antibiotic therapy, secondary cachexia, and dyspnea.[]

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