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1,707 Possible Causes for Diarrhea, Recurrent Diarrhea, Small for Age

  • Food Allergy

    Two infants with AE, diarrhea, and low serum zinc levels were evaluated. Food allergy was found in both infants. The first infant had a serum IgE level of 4642 IU/mL.[] diarrhea Turkey 1 : 87 Anatolian adults: 1 : 100 Saudi Arabia 12 : 100 Type 1 diabetes Syria 1.5 : 100 Yemen 1 : 18 Chronic diarrhea Asia, South-East Asia, Australasia Australia[] RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia in children younger than 1 year of age in the United States.[]

  • Lactose Intolerance

    BACKGROUND: Symptoms associated with lactose intolerance (LI) and diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D) are almost the same.[] Chronic diarrhea can be the part of the presentations of a number of chronic medical conditions affecting the intestine.[] […] at the diagnosis of the basic disease and the degree of small bowel mucosa damage.[]

  • Fetal Malnutrition

    The child did experience noninfectious diarrhea for the last 2 days that has now stabilized.[] The ICD code P05 is used to code Small for gestational age Small for gestational age (SGA) embryos are those who are smaller in size than normal for the gestational age, most[] Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting may also cause malnutrition. 7.[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    OBJECTIVE: Diarrhea, weight loss and osteoporosis are prominent symptoms and clinical signs of alcoholism.[] View/Print Table TABLE 1 Indicators of Possible Problem Drinking or Alcoholism Symptoms Recurrent intoxication, nausea, sweating, tachycardia Amnesic episodes (blackouts)[] […] for gestational age birth.[]

  • Diabetic Enteropathy

    Secretory diarrhea Neuroendocrine diarrhea Osmotic diarrhea Chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine Laxative-induced diarrhea 2.[] Small-bowel absorption was abnormal in 1 of the 2 patients tested by D-xylose.[] […] thresholds: Reduced Pain Often involved early Large fiber Vibration sense: Reduced Paresthesias Ankle reflexes: Absent Associated with foot ulcers in chronic DM 7x increase Age[]

  • Colitis

    Since CCS is very rare, we herein describe a case of MNZ-effective diarrhea after UCBT.[] Other symptoms may include: Anemia Fatigue Fever Joint pain Rectal bleeding Skin or mouth lesions Weight loss Because blood loss, chronic diarrhea and inflammation can reduce[] After age 50, another small increase in diagnosis for this disease is seen, usually in men. The seriousness of ulcerative colitis symptoms varies among affected people.[]

  • Traveler's Diarrhea

    Acute diarrhea is the most common illness among travelers.[] Evaluation of the traveler with chronic diarrhea should include a careful examination for typical infecting organisms, such as Giardia and Entamoeba species, as well as for[] In practice, however, these drugs are rarely given to small children (aged Antibiotics Antibiotics are effective in reducing the duration of diarrhea by about a day in cases[]

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    KEYWORDS: IBS-D; Viberzi; diarrhea; eluxadoline; gastrointestinal[] Abstract Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common functional bowel disease characterized by chronic or recurrent abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.[] Elston JM, Koch GG, Weissert WG: Regression-adjusted small area estimates of functional dependency in the noninstitutional aged.[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Other symptoms may be physical and include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, sweating, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.[] The classic clinical presentation is a variable combination of childhood developmental disabilities, juvenile cataracts, chronic diarrhea and epilepsy.[] . , Chatenoud , L. et al ( 2005 ) Maternal coffee drinking in pregnancy and risk of small for gestational age birth .[]

  • Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

    […] and cimetidine (H1 and H2 histamine antagonists, respectively) markedly improved the hypotension and diarrhea and led to better blood glucose control.[] Chronic diarrhea in diabetes mellitus: mechanisms and an approach to diagnosis and treatment. Mayo Clin Proc . 1993;68:691–702. 14. Wald A.[] Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness among working-age adults.[]

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