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238 Possible Causes for Diastolic Hypertension, Nephrolithiasis, Proteinuria

  • Chronic Pyelonephritis

    Chronic renal inflammation was associated with hydronephrosis, ureteral dilatation, acute pyelonephritis and diastolic hypertension.[] Our observations indicate that autoimmune responses to THP may occur after exposure to THP by intravenous challenge in rabbits, by urinary reflux in pigs, and in recurrent nephrolithiasis[] Abstract Massive proteinuria associated with chronic pyelonephritis is reported in five patients.[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

    In addition, nighttime systolic, nighttime diastolic, and nighttime mean blood pressures were significantly higher in the ADPKD group.[] Abstract Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease is the most common inherited kidney disease in the United States, causing hypertension, cerebral aneurysms, nephrolithiasis[] After 4 months, proteinuria decreased to 600 mg/d. Patients with ADPKD who show massive proteinuria should undergo kidney biopsy.[]

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Diagnosis Examination in patients with ADPKD may demonstrate the following: Hypertension: One of the most common early manifestations of ADPKD, [1, 2] in which increased diastolic[] Complications: Metanephric abscesses; hypertension; berry aneurysms of Circle of Willis; nephrolithiasis; and RCC (1-5% of cases).[] Oxidized free Hcy and Cys with redox ratios were correlated to AOPP, MDA and proteinuria.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    […] defined as an average systolic or diastolic blood pressure, or both, 95th percentile for gender, age, and height on three or more separate occasions ( Falkner 2004 ); others[] Probiotics and dietary manipulations in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis: two sides of the same coin? Kidney Int. 78, 1063–1065 (2010). 91. Sidhu, H. et al.[] […] state, including confusion If your urinary tract infection symptoms worsen or do not improve in 3 days of therapy Read More About: Kidney Problems Nephrotoxicity Azotemia Proteinuria[]

  • Acute Renal Failure

    […] systemic lupus erythematosus, other autoimmune diseases Hydronephrosis on renal ultrasonography Suspected obstruction Malignancy, prostate hypertrophy, uterine fibroids, nephrolithiasis[] Red blood cell casts, dysmorphic red cells, moderate to severe proteinuria TABLE 6 Findings on Urinalysis in the Broad Categories of Acute Renal Failure Type of renal failure[] Santos -- Nephrolithiasis / David A. Bushinsky -- Cystic kidney diseases / M.[]

  • Nephrolithiasis

    BP (mm Hg) 78 (47–108) 81 (54–122) 0.001 Hypertension, N (%) 44 (30.1) 59 (20.2) 0.02 Diabetes, N (%) 9 (6.2) 8 (2.7) 0.08 Cardiovascular disease, N (%) 7 (4.8) 19 (6.5)[] KEYWORDS: Diet; Epidemiology; Kidney calculi; Nephrolithiasis[] These include: Swelling in body parts like your legs, ankles, or around your eyes (edema) Large amounts of protein in your urine (proteinuria) Loss of protein in your blood[]

  • Lipoid Nephrosis

    […] treatment of rejection in renal transplantation 595 XIII 606 Renal tubular and metabolic dysfunction following kidney homotransplantation 617 Infectious malignant surgical 630 Nephrolithiasis[] proteinuria.[] […] infections of the urinary tract -- The kidney in schistosomiasis -- Glomerular diseases associated with infection -- Human immunodeficiency virus infection and the kidney -- Nephrolithiasis[]

  • Diabetic Nephropathy

    Both systolic and diastolic hypertension markedly accelerate the progression of diabetic nephropathy, and aggressive antihypertensive management is able to greatly decrease[] Diabetes and nephrolithiasis. Curr Diab Rep. 2007 Dec. 7 (6):443-8. [Medline]. Daudon M, Traxer O, Conort P, Lacour B, Jungers P.[] Diabetic Nephropathy proteinuria Diabetic Nephropathy proteinuria Can I please have input on this dx. Would it be coded 250.40, 583.81 with the 791.0?[]

  • Glomerulonephritis

    […] hyperreflexia 排尿反射亢進 micturition reflex 排尿反射 minimally invasive therapy低侵襲治療 mycobacteriaミコバクテリア、マイコバクテリア n needle biopsy針生検 neobladder 新膀胱 nephrectomy腎摘出[術]、腎摘、腎切除[術] nephritis腎炎 nephrolithiasis[] Nephrotic syndrome: heavy proteinuria, hypoalbuminaemia and fluid retention.[] He presented to the nephrology department with proteinuria and hematuria. The patient also had intermediate uveitis along with proteinuria and hematuria.[]

  • Polyarteritis Nodosa

    Patients having relapse showed the higher frequency of weight loss and ocular symptoms and the less frequency of diastolic hypertension than those having not (p KEYWORDS:[] She was incidentally found to be hypertensive and had proteinuria. Skin biopsy showed leuco-cytoclastic vasculitis.[] A 27-year-old man, with known diastolic hypertension diagnosed 2 years earlier, was admitted with chronic urinary obstruction complicated by hydronephrosis.[]

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