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386 Possible Causes for Difficulty Climbing Stairs, Pain

  • Supination Injury

    […] tennis elbow pain.[] Knee pain Watch your feet.[] Supination of the foot symptoms What's normal & what's not - Over pronation Week 1: how your shoes can indicate whether you are at higher risk of pain & injury.[]

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    Often, patients cannot get out of bed without help and notice difficulty climbing stairs.[] Abstract An 83-year-old man presented with pain in his right groin, limping, and the ultrasound findings of an iliopectineal bursitis as the first sign of polymyalgia rheumatica[] pain (0.18 (0.06-0.29)) or stiffness (0.19 (0.08-0.31)) and shoulder pain (0.18 (0.05-0.31)), stiffness (0.10 (0.01-0.20)) and difficulty raising arms above one's head (0.19[]

  • Arthritis

    Among the arthritides, gout is notable for the agonizing nature and unique pathogenesis of the pain it generates.[] Abstract Overview Because pain is a common and debilitating symptom of osteoarthritis in older adults, the authors reviewed data on the efficacy and safety of commonly used[] Everything that we do is focused on taking the pain away and keeping people active.[]

  • Internal Joint Prosthesis Broken

    Painful Hardware ICD-10 T84.60XA Infection and inflammatory reaction due to internal fixation device of unspecified site, initial encounter T84.7XXA Infection and inflammatory[] It causes pain, stiffness, and swelling. Over time, the joint can become severely damaged.[] […] reaction due to other internal orthopedic prosthetic devices, implants and grafts, initial encounter A- initial encounter D- subsequent encounter S- sequela Painful Hardware[]

  • Mechanical Complication of Prosthetic Joint

    Painful Hardware ICD-10 T84.60XA Infection and inflammatory reaction due to internal fixation device of unspecified site, initial encounter T84.7XXA Infection and inflammatory[] Complications Of Surgical And Medical Care, Not Elsewhere Classified (996-999) Related Descriptions: Mechanical complication of internal joint prosthesis Persistent prosthetic joint pain[] […] failure of right knee prosthetic joint Mechanical failure of right shoulder prosthetic joint Mechanical failure of right wrist prosthetic joint Persistent prosthetic joint pain[]

  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

    The patient presents with complaints like difficulty in getting up, climbing stairs or buttoning a shirt.[] By 2015 lower legs & feet in continuous pain 4 1.0 Right Foot Pain Intermittent pain on top of right foot, internal pain, ankle weakness: restricting ability to walk. 5 1.0[] Patients report difficulty walking, climbing stairs, arising from a chair, and may fall, or they may complain of reduced manual dexterity (trouble buttoning shirts, pulling[]

  • Spinal Stenosis

    For refractory pain and when surgery is not an option, neuromodulation is also a equally effective therapy for this pain, including spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal[] CONCLUSIONS: Altered pain response in pressure- and cold pain in the hand, as a sign of widespread pain pre-surgery had associations with higher pain, lower function and self-efficacy[] Spinal stenosis may cause just back or neck pain as well as accompanying arm pain or leg pain.[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 2

    climbing stairs Frequent falls Scapular winging Respiratory Frequent infections Respiratory insufficiency Cardio-respiratory failure (death) Respiratory failure/insufficiency[] The Faces Pain Scale-Revised: toward a common metric in pediatric pain measurement. Pain 2001; 93 : 173–183. 139 McCaffery M. Choosing a faces pain scale.[] […] running 30 (32%) • Difficulty performing sports 22 (23%) • Difficulty climbing stairs 24 (26%) • Difficulty walking 15 (16%) • Difficulty rising from an armchair 11 (12%)[]

  • Diabetic Amyotrophy

    A steady decline led to mobilisation with a Zimmer frame and great difficulty climbing stairs.[] Background: Diabetic amyotrophy (DA) with abdominal pain and unilateral herniation may relate to a rare but severe variant.[] climbing stairs.[]

  • Polymyositis

    climbing stairs, getting up from a chair, or lifting above the shoulder Joint pain or muscle tenderness Difficulty swallowing Shortness of breath Fatigue General malaise[] We describe an adolescent boy presenting with limb pain, difficulty in mobilisation, with progressive loss of motor function and later bulbar weakness.[] You’ll have difficulty climbing stairs, getting up from a chair, or lifting objects with your arms.[]

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