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226 Possible Causes for Difficulty Concentrating, Impaired Judgement

  • Depression

    concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt Persistent physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems[] concentrating, thinking, or making decisions Changes in appetite that lead to weight loss or gain Uncontrollable crying Headache Stomach ache Digestive problems Problems[] […] helpless difficulty remembering things.[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    Symptoms include excessive anxiety or worry, restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and irritability.[] The person has difficulty controlling the anxiety, which is associated with the following: restlessness, feeling “keyed up” or on edge; being easily fatigued; difficulty concentrating[] concentrating Having trouble sleeping Experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) problems If you or someone you know express one or more symptoms, please seek professional help.[]

  • Dementia

    Common dementia signs and symptoms include: Memory loss Impaired judgement Difficulties with abstract thinking Faulty reasoning Inappropriate behavior Loss of communication[] Early-stage Stage 4: Moderate Cognitive Decline This stage includes difficulty concentrating, decreased memory of recent events, and difficulties managing finances or traveling[] Common dementia signs and symptoms Memory loss Impaired judgement Difficulties with abstract thinking Faulty reasoning Inappropriate behavior Loss of communication skills[]

  • Schizophrenia

    concentrating a feeling that you're being controlled by something outside yourself not feeling up to normal activities like washing, dressing or seeing friends.[] Cognitive impairment can include difficulty concentrating and solving problems.[] […] preoccupation with religious or philosophical constructs Focus on bizarre ideas Complaints of being persecuted by others Abuse of substances – particularly alcohol and marijuana Difficulty[]

  • Brain Neoplasm

    […] with memory, euphoria, diminished concentration, urinary incontinence, visual impairment.[] Unsteadiness and incoordination, hydrocephalus (increased pressure inside the brain), voice and swallowing difficulties.[] Location - Olfactory Groove and sella (bony space where the pituitary gland is situated) Common Symptoms - Loss of smell (anosmia), subtle personality changes, mild difficulty[]

  • Encephalopathy

    difficulties, involuntary movements (parkinsonism), fatigue, seizures, arm strength problems, and depression. [1] A paper by Feldman and colleagues described neurobehavioral[] Due to additional difficulties in concentration progressive cystinosis-associated encephalopathy was suspected and the patient was again admitted to the neurology ward.[] Early symptoms may include: Changes in sleep patterns Mild confusion Difficulty thinking Problems with handwriting Forgetfulness Poor judgment or concentration More severe[]

  • Wilson Disease

    This comes in two, not mutually exclusive, categories: frontal lobe disorder (may present as impulsivity, impaired judgement, promiscuity, apathy and executive dysfunction[] Psychological symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating, low mood, and depression are also possible. Copper can also build up in the corneas of your eyes.[] Difficulty with speech. Writing problems. Difficulty swallowing. An unsteady walk. Headaches. Fits (seizures). Psychological symptoms For example: Depression.[]

  • Brain Concussion

    concentrating Difficulty remembering/amnesia Visual problems For children who exhibit one symptom for a brief period of time, this may be a liberal definition.[] Post-concussion syndrome can include physical, cognitive, and emotional problems, including: Headache Dizziness Difficulty concentrating or completing tasks Irritability The[] […] more than usual Feeling slowed down Nausea or vomiting (early on) Dizziness Sadness Sleep less than usual Difficulty concentrating Sensitivity to noise or light Balance problems[]

  • Insulinoma

    Symptoms that are seen in more serious cases of insulinoma may include: convulsions or seizures a rapid heart rate (greater than 95 beats per minute ) difficulty concentrating[] Headache (occasionally), double vision, difficulty in concentrating. Slurring of speech, confusion, change of behaviour, truculence. Stupor, coma.[] […] speaking, headache, and poor concentration. 1 Symptoms of hypoglycemia can become blunted with repeated episodes. 1 For this reason, many patients with insulinoma gradually[]

  • Beriberi

    The patient may be irritable, have difficulty concentrating and experience constant drowsiness.[] If your body has trouble absorbing thiamine, you will have a low concentration of thiamine in your blood and a high concentration in your urine.[] Doctors will also perform a neurological exam to look for lack of coordination, difficulty walking, droopy eyelids, and weak reflexes.[]

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