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162 Possible Causes for Difficulty Raising Arms, Pain

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    raising arms above one's head (0.19 (0.10-0.28)) were all associated with increased functional impairment.[] Abstract An 83-year-old man presented with pain in his right groin, limping, and the ultrasound findings of an iliopectineal bursitis as the first sign of polymyalgia rheumatica[] […] that worsens after resting – for example, symptoms may be most severe when getting up in the morning fatigue (or tiredness) difficulty sleeping difficulty raising arms above[]

  • Muscle Strain

    For example, in a full rotator cuff tear, it is often impossible to raise the arm over the head.[] Call PhysioWorks Book Online Related Muscle Pain Injuries Myalgia, or muscle pain, can have many sources. Here are some of the more common sources of your muscle pain.[] If it’s painful to walk you should be using crutches. Cease or reduce your exercise or activity level to where you feel no pain.[]

  • Neuropathy

    , and difficulty raising the arms above the shoulders.[] In one large study focusing on pulsed electromagnetic fields, no beneficial effect on pain was registered.[] The sensory phenomena of neuropathic pain manifest as both spontaneous pain (symptoms) and stimulus-evoked pain (signs).[]

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

    They might have decreased range of motion and subjective weakness with difficulty raising the arm overhead or behind the back.[] Subcoracoid impingment is a relatively rare cause of anterior shoulder pain.[] Symptoms Generalized shoulder aches Difficulty sleeping because of pain Stiffness in the joint Catching sensation when raising the arm overhead Weakness in the arm with the[]

  • Joint Subluxation

    There is difficulty in raising the arm overhead. A fullness will be noted on the upper anterior arm that will be tender during palpation.[] […] categorized as ‘mechanical low back pain.’[] Which causes a pain signal gets sent to the nervous system, which starts a Pain Causing Dynamic 3. A Process of Inflammation develops 4. It all goes downhill from there.[]

  • Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy

    […] and pull-ups; Shoulder blades that “wing” out; Difficulty raising arm above shoulder height; Foot drop (foot dorsiflexion weakness); Weak lower abdominal muscles, protuberant[] These myalgic pains could be particularly difficult to control.[] […] and pull-ups Shoulder blades that “wing” out Difficulty raising arm above shoulder height Foot drop (foot dorsiflexion weakness) Weak lower abdominal muscles, protuberant[]

  • Frozen Shoulder

    It is used to relieve disorders where there is shoulder pain accompanied by difficulty raising the arm, as occurs with frozen shoulder.[] […] less painful.[] You may feel this when you: Reach up toward the sky with both arms. Reach your arms out straight in front of you. Raise your arms out to the sides of your body.[]

  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

    These muscles can become inflamed and produce shoulder pain.[] Common symptoms of rotator cuff injury or strain are pain and difficulty raising the arm.[] […] with shoulder pain in women.[]

  • Shoulder Fracture

    When the clavicle is fractured, patients typically have difficulty raising the arm. See Diagnosis and Causes of a Clavicle Fracture Article continues below 2.[] Symptoms include sudden shoulder pain and a feeling that something has torn. Pain may also radiate down into the arm.[] Ice is used for swelling, and pain medications are used for pain control. The shoulder is immobilized in a shoulder sling for 3-4 weeks until the pain goes away.[]

  • Rotator Cuff Tear

    After sustaining a rotator cuff tear you may have pain or difficulty raising your arm above your head, reaching out in front of your body and pain with lying on the shoulder[] […] main clinical and histopathological features of painful rotator cuff tear.[] Individuals with rotator cuff tears generally experience shoulder pain, weakness, and difficulty with activities that require raising the arm overhead.[]

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