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77 Possible Causes for Difficulty Raising Arms, Thigh Pain

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    raising arms above one's head (0.19 (0.10-0.28)) were all associated with increased functional impairment.[] Symptoms Polymyalgia rheumatica can cause pain and stiffness in the shoulders, neck, hips and thighs.[] […] that worsens after resting – for example, symptoms may be most severe when getting up in the morning fatigue (or tiredness) difficulty sleeping difficulty raising arms above[]

  • Muscle Strain

    For example, in a full rotator cuff tear, it is often impossible to raise the arm over the head.[] Whether it’s your hamstring, quadriceps or adductor muscles, strained thigh muscles can be a pain.[] Posterior thigh pain. In: Brukner P and Khan K, eds. Clinical sports medicine. London: McGrawHill, 1993. Ekstrand J, Gillquist J.[]

  • Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome

    Signs Reduced strength in the proximal muscles of the arms and legs, producing a waddling gait and difficulty with raising the arms.[] The mouth is dry, the eyelid droops, and the upper arms and thighs are painful.[] Common symptoms include: aching muscles difficulty walking and climbing stairs difficulty lifting objects or raising the arms drooping eyelids, dry eyes and blurred vision[]

  • Diabetic Amyotrophy

    Proximal weakness in upper limbs may manifest with difficulty in raising the arms or reaching for high objects.[] Acute left thigh pain and weakness. Diabetic amyotrophy.", author "Gupta, {Neel D.} and Quan Nguyen and Enrique Palacios and Sarala Palliyath and Neitzschman, {Harold R.[] Distal leg pain was resolved, but proximal thigh pain persisted after surgery. During 1 month after surgery, thigh pain got worse, and weakness of left leg developed.[]

  • Synovitis

    Synovitis Shoulder A synovitis shoulder can affect one or both shoulders at the same time, and results in difficulty raising the arms and hands for even the simplest of tasks[] Symptoms may include: Hip pain (on one side only) Limp Thigh pain, in front and toward the middle of the thigh Knee pain Low-grade fever, less than 101 F (38.33 C) Aside from[] pain with no hip pain •in younger children, crying •in some cases, a refusal to walk In babies, the most common signs of toxic synovitis are abnormal crawling and crying,[]

  • Radiculopathy

    Shoulder pain that arises from within the shoulder joint, particularly with abduction and raising the arm and shoulder generally indicates a shoulder problem such as bursitis[] Symptoms may include: lower back pain that radiates down the buttock and back of one thigh pain that extends from the buttock down to the foot numbness (in severe cases) weakness[] L2 pain is antero-medial in the thigh. Pain in the groin usually arises from an L1 lesion.[]

  • Neuropathy

    , and difficulty raising the arms above the shoulders.[] In people with diabetes mellitus, mononeuritis multiplex typically is encountered as acute, unilateral, and severe thigh pain followed by anterior muscle weakness and loss[] Numbness in the lateral aspect of the thigh. Severe pain which restricts activities (reproduced by palpation under the anterior superior iliac spine).[]

  • Goiter

    Symptoms of goiter include: Swelling of the thyroid gland in the front of the neck A feeling of tightness in the throat Hoarseness Dizziness when arms are raised above the[] ) in persons with heart disease Worsening of shortness of breath in persons with heart failure Muscle weakness, especially in the shoulders and thighs Osteoporosis Atrial[] […] are raised above the head Other, less common symptoms include: Difficulty breathing (shortness of breath) Coughing Wheezing (due to squeezing of the windpipe) Difficulty[]

  • Diabetic Neuropathy

    , and difficulty raising the arms above the shoulders.[] This was accompanied by severe bilateral shoulder and thigh pain.[] Symptoms include: pain in the thighs severe pain in lower back or pelvis pain in the chest, stomach, or flank chest or abdominal pain that mimics angina, heart attack, or[]

  • Diabetic Mononeuropathy

    , and difficulty raising the arms above the shoulders.[] […] in the shin or foot Pain in the lower back or pelvis Pain in the front of the thigh Pain in the chest or abdomen As many as 70% of diabetics have some degree of neuropathy[] pain followed by muscle weakness and atrophy Polyradiculopathies are diagnosed by Treatment Polyradiculopathies Foot care Glucose control Pain control Single nerve damage[]

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