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875 Possible Causes for Dimple Overlying Knee, Dimples

  • Skin Infection

    Mollusca are usually small (3 to 4 mm in diameter), pink, and dome-shaped with a small depression or "dimple" in the center.[] They are flesh-colored and pearly with a dimple in the center. The growths are similar to warts.[] They appear as small whitish or skin-coloured, shiny, dome-shaped lumps, sometimes with a dimple or small depression in the centre.[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Osteoporosis

    Clinical features include the following: Prenatal long-bone bowing with osteochondral spurs and pretibial dimpling Infantile rickets without elevated serum alkaline phosphatase[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Kyphomelic Dysplasia

    The fetuses had severe bowing of the long bones, short, flared ribs, platyspondyly, metaphyseal flaring, skin dimpling, with normal external genitalia and karyotypes and a[] Other findings include congenital bowing of other long bones, narrow thorax, platyspondyly, micrognathia, and skin dimples.[] Abstract Kyphomelic dysplasia (KD) is a rare autosomal recessive entity characterized by shortening and bowing of the limbs, skin dimples, abnormalities of methaphysis and[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Meningitis

    The tract may appear as only a tiny dimple in the midline of the spine or the posterior skull, and identification upon physical examination may be challenging, particularly[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Molluscum Contagiosum

    The lesions, known as Mollusca, are small, raised, and usually white, pink, or flesh-colored with a dimple or pit in the center. They often have a pearly appearance.[] Molluscum contagiosum Synonyms Water warts Typical flesh-colored, dome-shaped and pearly lesions Specialty Dermatology Symptoms Small, raised, pink lesions with a dimple in[] Clinical examination revealed a 2-cm round to oval dome-shaped yellowish nodule with a dimple on the top center (Figure 1). No similar lesions were found elsewhere.[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Dermatofibroma

    Dermatofibromas can sometimes form dimpling on the skin when it is pinched [show picture of dimple sign].[] Close observation showed a brown halo and a firm nodule that dimpled down when pinched.[] They usually dimple inward when pinched, thus giving the appropriately named “dimple sign,” that is highly suggestive of the diagnosis.[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Pilonidal Cyst

    A sacral dimple, or pilonidal dimple, is a small hollow area or sinus present at birth and located just above the crease of the buttocks.[] Postanal dimple Pilonidal cyst NOS Type 2 Excludes congenital sacral dimple ( Q82.6 ) parasacral dimple ( Q82.6 ) with abscess L05.01 ICD-10-CM Codes Adjacent To L05.01 L03.91[] Applicable To Pilonidal dimple Postanal dimple Pilonidal cyst NOS Type 2 Excludes Type 2 Excludes Help A type 2 excludes note represents "not included here".[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Spina Bifida Occulta

    The LTTs were of two varieties: epithelial and nonepithelial, the former being typically associated with a skin dimple or spinal cord (epi)dermoid cyst.[] The characteristics of this condition include a cleft spine revealed by plain x-ray, vesicorectal disturbances, local findings (such as a tumor, dimpling, and angioma in the[] Two lumbosacral dimples and a tuft of hair overlying the spina bifida led to the diagnosis.[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome

    FSS can be distinguished from SHS by the presence of pouting lips, prominent nasolabial folds, and the characteristic chin dimple.[] FSS is considered a type of myopathic distal arthrogryposis; diagnosis requires the following: microstomia, whistling-face appearance, H-shaped chin dimpling, nasolabial folds[] Here we are presenting a newborn with multiple congenital anomaly like microstomia with pouting lips, H like dimple of the chin, hypoplastic alae nasi, plug like nostrils,[]

    Missing: Dimple Overlying Knee
  • Coxa Vara

    The cortices are thickened and may be associated with overlying skin dimples. External rotation of the femur with valgus deformity of knee may be noted.[] Prominent lower lumbar spine extended knees, flexed hips, and equinovarus feet classic sign of Buttock Dimpling What is the tx of sacral agenesis?[] Congenital Coxa Vara  cortices are thickened and may be associated with overlying skin dimples  External rotation of the femur with valgus deformity of knee may be noted[]

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