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377 Possible Causes for Diplopia, Exotropia, Fatigue

  • Narcolepsy

    Occasionally there will be introductions of blurred vision or diplopia due to their sleepiness.[] The majority of participants reported residual daytime fatigue and/or sleepiness despite treatment.[] Slurred speech and visual symptoms such as blurred vision or diplopia may be experienced. Hearing, awareness and consciousness are intact.[]

  • Exophoria

    Exophoria and Exotropia and Strabismus.[] Unlike exotropia, fusion is possible in this condition, causing diplopia to be uncommon.[] […] when it is a constitutive feature of convergence insufficiency (CI), defined as inability to preserve normal eye alignment at near, it can present with symptoms such as eye fatigue[]

  • Exotropia

    Surgery is also recommended for those who have diplopia and severe asthenopia.[] Initially, an exotropia may only be seen when the patient is fatigued or ill. Covering one eye will manifest the exotropia.[] The exotropia is typically manifest when the patient is fatigued, daydreaming or ill.[]

  • Esophoria

    People with exotropia often experience crossed diplopia. Intermittent exotropia is a fairly common condition. "Sensory exotropia" occurs in the presence of poor vision.[] Patient reported dizziness and diplopia worse with left gaze.[] He does not experience significant headaches or fatigue or ptosis.[]

  • Strabismus

    Jeffrey Cooper & Rachel Cooper (no relation). 2001-2016 About Exotropia What is Exotropia?[] KEYWORDS: Central fusion disruption; diplopia; horror fusionis; intractable diplopia; strabismus surgery[] Derivatives strabismic adjective Example sentences I have strabismic amblyopia in my right eye, and when I'm fatigued or stressed, my ‘lazy eye’ manifests; I have to concentrate[]

  • Eye Muscle Disorder

    Figure 1 General approach to diplopia.[] The first muscle sign of Graves disease is usually a convergence insufficiency, which causes eyestrain, fatigue or diplopia.[] Drooping of one or both eyelids Double or blurred vision Weakness in arms, hands, fingers, neck, face or legs Difficulty in chewing, smiling, swallowing or talking Excessive fatigue[]

  • Noncomitant Strabismus

    See: A-esotropia, V-esotropia, A-exotropia, V-exotropia. (05 Mar 2000) accommodative strabismus Strabismus in which the severity of deviation varies with accommodation. (05[] Research of Strabismus, Noncomitant has been linked to Strabismus, Diplopia, Toxoplasmosis, Aneurysm, Neoplasm Metastasis.[] Definite and early fatiguing. May have occasional arrests in movement. 3 Severely impaired.[]

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    Wall-eyed bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia (WEBINO) is a variant syndrome of internuclear ophthalmoplegia, consisting of primary gaze exotropia, adduction impairment[] One patient had horizontal diplopia due to an acute sixth nerve palsy along with severe constriction of visual fields while the second patient had symptoms of blurred vision[] Yet IIH is rare, IIH without papilloedema (IIHWOP) seems rarer still, while chronic fatigue syndrome is common.[]

  • Myasthenia Gravis

    By contrast, control EOM from a patient undergoing strabismus surgery for a sensory exotropia in a nonseeing eye and a similar duration of deviation, showed normal muscle[] A46-year male presented with unilateral ptosis and diplopia.[] We quantified their fatigue using the modified fatigue impact scale (MFIS), the visual analogue fatigue scale (VAFS) and the fatigue severity scale (FSS) at the start of the[]

  • Asthenopia

    RESULTS: Six subjects in the asthenopia group had exophoria and 1 subject in the control group had constant exotropia.[] VDT workers who complained of worsened vision, redness of the eyes, eye pain, and diplopia during work were found to show more significant changes in the psycho-physiological[] BACKGROUND: It has been well documented that a long-time irradiation of the eye by a strong light elicits eyestrain and fatigue.[]

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