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2,799 Possible Causes for Diplopia, Exotropia, HLA-DQ1

  • Narcolepsy

    Occasionally there will be introductions of blurred vision or diplopia due to their sleepiness.[] DQB1*0602 genotype. [2] There is also an association with HLA DR2 and HLA DQ1.[] Slurred speech and visual symptoms such as blurred vision or diplopia may be experienced. Hearing, awareness and consciousness are intact.[]

  • Strabismus

    Jeffrey Cooper & Rachel Cooper (no relation). 2001-2016 About Exotropia What is Exotropia?[] KEYWORDS: Central fusion disruption; diplopia; horror fusionis; intractable diplopia; strabismus surgery[] However, one of the complications of cosmetic strabismus surgery is persistent diplopia.[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Eye Muscle Disorder

    Figure 1 General approach to diplopia.[] See our detailed pages on exotropia and intermittent exotropia.[] Exotropia is a misalignment in which the eye turns outward, away from the nose.[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Esotropia

    Diplopia onset occurred between ages 7 and 11. Four of the five children experienced resolution of diplopia with prism glasses.[] We report here an exception, in which an adult patient developed cyclic exotropia after surgical correction of her acquired cyclic esotropia.[] Exotropia Exotropia, commonly called wandering eye, is the visual condition in which a person uses only one eye to look at an object while the other eye turns outward.[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Exotropia

    Surgery is also recommended for those who have diplopia and severe asthenopia.[] In exotropia acquired in adult life there is usually double vision (diplopia).[] People with exotropia often experience crossed diplopia. Intermittent exotropia is a fairly common condition. "Sensory exotropia" occurs in the presence of poor vision.[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Alternating Exotropia

    378.15 Alternating exotropia 378.16 Alternating exotropia with A pattern 378.17 Alternating exotropia with V pattern 378.18 Alternating exotropia with other noncomitancies[] Will he get diplopia after this? Is it possible for him to get stereoscopic vision?[] Amblyopia can, however, arise as a result of esotropia occurring in childhood: In order to relieve symptoms of diplopia or double vision, the child's brain will ignore or[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Oculomotor Nerve Paralysis

    RE exotropia with diplopia 7.[] In diplopia one image is distinct (true image), and the other is indistinct (false image). Binocular diplopia disappears when one eye is closed.[] Pupil-involving Isolated Third Nerve Palsy complete ptosis dilated pupil unresponsive to light or accomodation exotropia /-hypotropia appropriate investigation must be pursued[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Noncomitant Strabismus

    Syn. exotropia (XOT; XT; exoT). The principal categories are constant exotropia and intermittent exotropia.[] Research of Strabismus, Noncomitant has been linked to Strabismus, Diplopia, Toxoplasmosis, Aneurysm, Neoplasm Metastasis.[] See: A-esotropia, V-esotropia, A-exotropia, V-exotropia. (05 Mar 2000) accommodative strabismus Strabismus in which the severity of deviation varies with accommodation. (05[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Vertical Heterotropia

    She had an apparent right exotropia and hypotropia on Hirschberg and Krimsky but a hypertropia on alternate prism cover test.[] Greater diplopia with eyes to the right and up implicates the right SR or left IO, while worsening of diplopia to the right and down points to the right IR or left SO.[] It occurred more frequently in sensory esotropia (22 patients, 18.3%) than exotropia (13 patients, 8.1%) (P .009).[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1
  • Exophoria

    Unlike exotropia, fusion is possible in this condition, causing diplopia to be uncommon.[] Exophoria and Exotropia and Strabismus.[] The patient was not aware of the diplopia occurring just before his eyelid fell down; he had experienced diplopia occasionally, but could not indicate when.[]

    Missing: HLA-DQ1

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