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78 Possible Causes for Disorder of Digit, Narrow Hands, Numbness of the Feet

  • Raynaud Phenomenon

    Raynaud's (say "ray-NOHZ") phenomenon is a problem when the blood vessels in the hands and feet are extra sensitive and become more narrow than normal.[] […] and tingling in the hands and feet.[] BACKGROUND: Raynaud phenomenon (RP) is a vasospastic disorder of the digital arteries. Severe forms are found in patients with connective tissue diseases.[]

  • Raynaud's Disease

    Abstract Raynaud's disease is a common vasospastic disorder affecting the digits of both hands. Women are most commonly affected.[] When you are cold or stressed, the arteries in your extremities (fingers, hands, feet, toes) narrow, or constrict.[] […] in hands and feet Mood swings Goiter Intolerance to cold High cholesterol and triglycerides Miscarriages Decreased sweating Allergy disorders Muscle and joint pain It is[]

  • Ganglion Cyst

    Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition characterized by a narrowing of the blood vessels to the extremities, usually the hands, in response to cold temperatures or stress.[] They usually form over a joint or tendon in the fingers, wrists, ankles or soles of the feet.[] Ganglion cysts of the distal interphalangeal joint (digital mucous cysts) are associated with osteoarthritis.[]

  • Acrocyanosis

    digits on exposure to cold, that occurs in episodic attacks.[] Considered a vasospastic disorder, it affects the arteries supplying blood to the skin of the hands and feet.[] […] no·sis \ ˌak-rō-ˌsī-ə-ˈnō-səs \ plural acrocyanoses \ -ˌsēz \ Medical Definition of acrocyanosis : blueness or pallor of the extremities usually associated with pain and numbness[]

  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    , characterized by generalized digital cyanosis, localized painful vasculitic lesions of dorsal forefoot (30% of cases) and apices of toes (20–25% of cases); subcutaneous[] Tarsal tunnel syndrome shares some similarities to the more commonly understood carpal tunnel syndrome that occurs in the hand and wrist.[] […] reported numbness, in fifteen of the seventeen feet of those who reported pain alone, and in six of the seven feet of those who had combined numbness and pain.[]

  • Puerperium

    Includes: the listed conditions during pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium 676 Other disorders of the breast associated with childbirth and disorders of lactation Requires[] But within the first day the cervix has usually narrowed and regained its normal muscular consistency.[] This technique allows the woman to be awake, while producing extensive numbing of the abdomen, legs, and feet.[]

  • Ischemic Peripheral Neuropathy

    , short digits, and weak muscles.[] […] strokes are described by the 5 most common lacunar syndromes: pure motor hemiparesis, sensorimotor stroke, ataxic hemiparesis, pure sensory stroke, and dysarthria-clumsy hand[] Five days before admission she suffered from acute muscle cramps, followed by muscle weakness in both legs and numbness of both feet.[]

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    […] at night, signs of the disorder upon examination, and especially if the patient responds to a steroid shot.[] The carpal tunnel is a narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bones at the base of the hand that houses the median nerve and the tendons that bend the fingers.[] […] or hypoesthesia). [6] Beriberi [ edit ] Hypoesthesia originating in (and extending centrally from) the feet, fingers, navel, and/or lips is one of the common symptoms of[]

  • Cervical Osteoarthritis

    […] sitting before their desktops, cervical spondylosis is common disorders.[] […] in your hands, arms, legs, and feet.[] Numbness and weakness in the arms, hands, legs or feet Lack of coordination Difficulty walking Abnormal reflexes Loss of bladder or bowel control, or urinary or bowel retention[]

  • Median Neuropathy

    If it is more progressed, motor problems involving these digits can be affected. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common presentation or disorder of the median nerve.[] At the base of the hand is a narrow place between bones and ligament where the median nerve and tendons are found. This area is called the carpal tunnel.[] For example, a patient with numbness and tingling of both feet from a mild alcohol-induced or diabetic polyneuropathy may have relative slowing of the median nerve across[]