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106 Possible Causes for Disorder of Digit, Narrow Hands, Psychological Stress

  • Raynaud Phenomenon

    Different drugs are recommended for convenience and also as psychological therapy.[] BACKGROUND: Raynaud phenomenon (RP) is a vasospastic disorder of the digital arteries. Severe forms are found in patients with connective tissue diseases.[] Raynaud's (say "ray-NOHZ") phenomenon is a problem when the blood vessels in the hands and feet are extra sensitive and become more narrow than normal.[]

  • Raynaud's Disease

    It is normal during times of psychological stress for the body to release hormones that narrow its blood vessels.[] Abstract Raynaud's disease is a common vasospastic disorder affecting the digits of both hands. Women are most commonly affected.[] When you are cold or stressed, the arteries in your extremities (fingers, hands, feet, toes) narrow, or constrict.[]

  • Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau

    stress, trauma, medications, and infection. 5 Clinical presentation of ACH is characterized by acute episodes of progressive, painful pustule formation under and surrounding[] Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau is a rare, chronic, recurrent disorder classified as a form of pustular psoriasis, and most cases affect one or two digits.[] Targeted narrow-band ultraviolet B phototherapy As monotherapy or in conjunction with systemic medications ( 4 ) Psoralen ultraviolet A With selective hand bath psoralen ([]

  • Puerperium

    J Fam Psychol 20:266–274 CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar Wisborg K, Barklin A, Hedegaard M, Henriksen TB (2008) Psychological stress during pregnancy and stillbirth: prospective[] Includes: the listed conditions during pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium 676 Other disorders of the breast associated with childbirth and disorders of lactation Requires[] But within the first day the cervix has usually narrowed and regained its normal muscular consistency.[]

  • Ectrodactyly

    Early examination can relieve parents’ anxiety and psychological stress associated with a long wait.[] […] and the hand is cleft where the metacarpal of the finger should… It seems that disorders affecting the digits are almost always hereditary and inherited – and likely dominant[] In the past, doctors have typically tried to repair and close the cleft in attempt to give the hand and/or foot a more normal appearance and a narrower shape.[]

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Because Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a nerve disorder psychological stress and anxiety can contribute to the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel.[] […] at night, signs of the disorder upon examination, and especially if the patient responds to a steroid shot.[] The carpal tunnel is a narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bones at the base of the hand that houses the median nerve and the tendons that bend the fingers.[]

  • Osteoarthritis

    Speak to your doctor if you’re feeling low as they may be able to recommend psychological therapies to help you, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and stress-relieving[] […] photographs for the diagnosis of hand osteoarthritis: the AGES-Reykjavik study, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 13, 1, (2012).[] In the small joints of the hand (see the image below), radiographs often show narrowing of the entire joint.[]

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    stress, 15, 68 and those returning to demanding vocations may always be aware of limitations in performance. 69 The 10% to 15% of patients who are still symptomatic 1 year[] In the PASAT, subjects listen to sequences of digits while continuously reporting the sum of the last two digits presented.[] Injury of the right SMA-CFT was demonstrated in a patient with LKA in a hand following mild TBI.[]

  • Hospital Addiction Syndrome

    Information Management Patient Advocacy Weight Loss Assistance Stress Reduction Therapies[] Their abdominal wall may be crisscrossed by scars from exploratory laparotomies, or a digit or a limb may have been amputated.[] As a class, opioids demonstrate a narrow therapeutic index.[]

  • Mental Disorder

    […] illness, social stresses and supports, personality and physical illness.[] Abstract To date there have been few peer-reviewed studies on the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of digital technologies for mental health promotion and disorder[] As gun control measures go, the scope of this one is narrow. Its goal is to keep guns out of the hands of people on record as having a disabling mental disorder.[]