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32 Possible Causes for Disorder of Digit, Narrow Hands, Vaginal Discharge

  • Puerperium

    Includes: the listed conditions during pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium 676 Other disorders of the breast associated with childbirth and disorders of lactation Requires[] The colour of lochia (vaginal discharge)is bright red on postpartum days 3-4, reddish-brown after day 3-10 and then turns yellow.[] But within the first day the cervix has usually narrowed and regained its normal muscular consistency.[]

  • Acrocyanosis

    digits on exposure to cold, that occurs in episodic attacks.[] This organ has several functions: to produce hormones, transport nutrients and waste, and protect the unborn from harmful substances. a slight blodd-tinged vaginal discharge[] Considered a vasospastic disorder, it affects the arteries supplying blood to the skin of the hands and feet.[]

  • Tenosynovitis

    This common musculoskeletal disorder is often overlooked (see Digital Flexor Tendinitis and Tenosynovitis (Trigger Finger) ).[] In gonococcal tenosynovitis, not associated penile or vaginal discharge occurs and the wrist, hand and sometimes the ankle are the most common sites.[] You can see them on the back of your hand when you straighten your fingers.[]

  • Rectal Prolapse

    A prolapsed rectum can be reduced by applying gentle digital pressure.[] After rectocele surgery, expect bloody vaginal discharge for about four weeks.[] On the other hand some patients with recto-rectal intussusception are symptomatic, which may occur for a variety of reasons, including narrow diameter of intussuscpted bowel[]

  • Spondylitic Aortitis

    Ankylosing spondylitis is the prototypical spondyloarthropathy and a systemic disorder characterized by inflammation of the axial skeleton, large peripheral joints, and digits[] , occasionally prostatitis or epididymitis women may have dysuria, vaginal discharge, purulent cervicitis or vaginitis asymptomatic patients often have sterile pyuria, especially[] Few erosions Protrusio acetabuli Temporomandibular joint Joint space narrowing Erosions Osteophytosis Hand (30%) Target area MCP, PIP, DIP Exuberant osseous proliferation[]

  • Acromelanosis

    Ziprowski-Margolis syndrome This X linked disorder [Figure 4] b is also known as the albinism and deafness syndrome.[] Pemphigus vulgaris localized to the vagina presenting as chronic vaginal discharge. Br J Dermatol 1999;140(5):945-7. ‎[] […] excessive size of the hands excessive coloration of the dermis excessive size of the hands Choose the correct definition of proencephalus.[]

  • Salti-Salem Syndrome

    Sensory neuropathy Sensory radicular neuropathy recessive form Senter syndrome Seow–Najjar syndrome Separation anxiety disorder Sepsis Septic shock Septooptic dysplasia digital[] PHYSIOLOGICAL VAGINAL DISCHARGE Clinical characteristics. II.[] […] and feet Symphalangism distal with microdontia dental pulp stones and narrowed zygomatic arch Syncamptodactyly scoliosis Syndactyly cataract mental retardation Syndactyly[]

  • Thickened Earlobes-Conductive Deafness Syndrome

    Introduction The oto-palato-digital (OPD) syndrome is a rare X linked disorder characterized by generalized skeletal dysplasia.[] Atrophic Vaginitis: Estrogen deficiency Discharge: Little discharge, some blood Mucosa: Atrophic, pale or red. Confirm: history, age.[] Malformations of the hands and feet are also commonly seen with this condition.[]

  • Tibia Varum

    […] chapter Digital Templating and Correction of a Valgus Post-Traumatic Lower Limb Deformity By Francisco Lajara-Marco, Francisco J.[] (Discharge) Tennis shoulder (Condition) Tenosynovitis (Condition) Tensilon test (Medical Test) Tension (Symptoms) Tension free vaginal tape - discharge (Discharge) Tension[] Osteoarthritic narrowing of the articular space on the lateral side of the knee leads to genu valgum deformity.[]

  • Amaurosis-Hypertrichosis Syndrome

    […] and digits and formation of granulation tissue of the larynx and conjunctiva.[] Bleeding Vaginal Bleeding, Pregnancy Vaginal Discharge, Prepubertal Girls Varicocele Varicose Veins Vasculitis, Classification Vasculitis, Diseases That Mimic Vasculitis[] […] tremor Narrow palpebral fissure Narrow palate Inability to walk Waddling gait Small hand Mandibular prognathia Long philtrum Intellectual disability, severe Polysplenia Holoprosencephaly[]

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