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81 Possible Causes for Distended Neck Veins, Tension Pneumothorax

  • Pneumothorax

    The most common cause of tension pneumothorax is penetrating trauma.[] A tension pneumothorax additionally presents with distended neck veins, tracheal deviation , and hemodynamic instability.[] neck veins Differential diagnosis of a pneumothorax Pleural effusion PE Pneumonia Pericarditis Investigation of a pneumothorax ABG Hypoxia, severity dependent on size of[]

  • Superior Vena Cava Syndrome

    Physical examination can reveal distended neck veins, edema of the upper extremities, while various neurological deficits may be encountered.[] She was orthopnoeic and had distended neck veins, but air entry was normal in both lungs.[] Classic symptoms include edema, plethora, and distended veins of the face, neck, and chest; shortness of breath; cough; headache; and hoarseness.[]

  • Chronic Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure

    Distended neck veins. Bluish skin. Chest pain. Enlarged liver and swollen abdomen.[] pneumothorax Known or suspected Increased PVR?[] Distended neck veins with raised and/or prominent JVP and visible a or v waves. 3rd/4th heart sounds and pansystolic murmur of tricuspid regurgitation over right heart.[]

  • Cardiac Tamponade

    neck veins, worse with inspiration ( Kussmaul sign ) Diminished heart sounds ( Beck’s Triad : a combination of distended neck veins, hypotension, and diminished heart sounds[] tension pneumothorax, the most likely diagnosis is cardiac tamponade. [13] Signs of classical cardiac tamponade include three signs, known as Beck's triad .[] […] symptoms of right heart failure Cardiogenic shock , asystole Beck's triad for cardiac tamponade : hypotension , muffled heart sounds , distended neck veins ![]

  • Tension Pneumothorax

    However, the classic physical examination findings of tracheal deviation and distended neck veins are poorly sensitive in the diagnosis of tension pneumothorax.[] With the pressure gradually decreasing dueto this maneuver, tension pneumothorax slowly turns into simple pneumothorax.[] neck veins, muffled heart sounds) - pulsus paradoxus - Kussmaul's sign - ECHO - IV fluids - pericardiocentesis - open thoracotomy[]

  • Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    In patients who have a tension pneumothorax , presentation may be with distended neck veins and tracheal deviation, cardiac arrest and in the most severe cases, death.[] Tension pneumothorax rarely presented as consequence of PSP.[] A patient presented in the emergency setting with acute chest pain and shortness of breath caused by a tension pneumothorax.[]

  • Chest Trauma

    Assess pulses for quality, rate, regularity Look at neck veins - flat vs. distended-fluid deficit or decreased supply to body from heart due to compression.[] Obstructive shock and hypoxia are the results of a tension pneumothorax. If a tension pneumothorax worsens, a mediastinal shift will occur.[] Widened mediastinum on chest x-ray Signs and symptoms of cardiac tamponade -Paradoxic pulse -Hypotension -Increased PCW P -Weak pulse -Muffled heart sounds -Distended neck[]

  • Laceration of the Lung

    Obstructive shock and hypoxia are the results of tension pneumothorax.[] Distended neck veins Cyanosis in the face and neck Hemorrhage into the sclera of the eye, signaling the bursting of small blood vessels.[] neck veins.[]

  • Pulmonary Barotrauma

    Tension pneumothorax, although rare with barotrauma, can cause hypotension, distended neck veins, hyperresonance to percussion, and, as a late finding, tracheal deviation.[] The development of tension pneumothorax during general anesthesia with positive pressure ventilation should always be considered.[] A minor pneumothorax (less than 25% lung collapse) may be treated by the diver breathing 100% oxygen. A tension pneumothorax is a medical emergency.[]

  • Occlusive Bandage

    […] tamponade heart injury pericardial sac fills with blood Signs of cardiac tamponade distended neck veins very weak pulse low blood pressure steadily decreasing pulse pressure[] The BCS is a sterile occlusive chest wound dressing for treating open pneumothorax and preventing tension pneumothorax that result from gunshots, stab wounds, or other penetrating[] They are typically used to treat open, or "sucking," chest wounds ( open pneumothorax ) to alleviate or prevent a tension pneumothorax (a serious complication of a simple[]

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