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9,374 Possible Causes for Disturbed Equilibrium, Fatigue, Microcephaly (2-3 SD)

Did you mean: Disturbed Equilibrium, Fatigue, Microcephaly (2-3 SD

  • Dysequilibrium Syndrome

    Stress, tension, or fatigue may cause the brain stem to function less efficiently, resulting in some loss of automatic reflex control of balance.[] Microcephaly (-3 to -4 SD below the mean) has been reported in a few affected individuals. Life span.[] We have investigated a consanguineous Iranian family with eight patients who suffer from mental retardation, disturbed equilibrium, walking disability, strabismus and short[]

  • Motion Sickness

    Her symptoms escalated into extreme fatigue and the inability to stay awake.[] Definition Motion sickness is the uncomfortable dizziness, nausea, and vomiting that people experience when their sense of balance and equilibrium is disturbed by constant[] These problems include visual fatigue, eye strain, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision or collectively may be termed as visually induced motion sickness (VIMS).[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Brain Concussion

    […] the exact events that preceded the onset of complaints and exclude their presence prior to head trauma, as the clinical presentation could be similar to exercise-induced fatigue[] If you've suffered a concussion, vision may be disturbed, you may lose equilibrium, or you may fall unconscious. In short, the brain is confused.[] Fatigue and sleep problems go hand-in-hand and tend to worsen each other. Fatigue tends to be worse in the evening and makes symptoms more noticeable.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Neurotic Disorder

    Pawlikowska, T, Chalder, T, Hirsch, S R, Wallace, P, Wright, D J M, Wessely, S C. (1994) Population based study of fatigue and psychological distress. BMJ, 308, 763-6.[] Psychodynamic Theory Disturbing the internal psychological equilibrium. Signal anxiety. repression, a primary defense mechanism.[] 309.0) depression NOS (311) manic-depressive psychosis, depressed type (296.1) reactive depressive psychosis (298.0) 300.5 Neurasthenia A neurotic disorder characterized by fatigue[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Acidosis

    Health Diseases Adrenal Fatigue Acidosis and Its Link to Adrenal Fatigue One of the biggest causes of and contributors to adrenal fatigue is acidosis.[] […] in acid-base equilibrium [ 34 ], [ 35 ], [ 36 ].[] We are reporting here a case of 16-year girl who presented with generalised fatigue and shortness of breath, and blood pressure (BP) of 220/110 mmHg.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Head Injury

    Cognitive fatigue Cognitive fatigue is a common problem that can happen after a head injury.[] Disturbance of vision and equilibrium may also occur.[] Nausea Impulsivity and self-control problems Sensitivity to light Difficulties with concentration Sensitivity to noise Feeling depressed, tearful, anxious Sleep disturbance Fatigue[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Toxoplasmosis

    Some people, however, develop signs and symptoms similar to those of the flu, including: Body aches Swollen lymph nodes Headache Fever Fatigue In people with weakened immune[] […] ecological equilibrium, providing opportunities for T. gondii to spread into new regions.[] Fatigue Fever Swollen lymph nodes Sometimes there are no symptoms at all How common is toxoplasmosis? Toxoplasmosis is most common in areas with warm, moist climates.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Otitis Media

    This may also cause people to be irritable, as well as fatigued and have a decreased appetite.[] Here too the patient notices a progressive hearing loss up to deafness, with or without tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and in advanced stages dizziness, disturbances of equilibrium[] The non-specific symptoms of otitis media include: fever (especially in infants), fatigue, intense malaise, nausea and vomiting.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Whiplash Injury

    MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): QTF grade, time to muscle fatigue in seconds.[] […] the equilibrium of the whole spine.[] Symptoms of dizziness, headaches, fatigue and sleep disturbances improved, as well as the quality of life (QOL) and the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) scores.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

    We believe that these injuries of the ARAS might be a pathogenetic mechanism of fatigue and hypersomnia in patients with TBI.[] If you've suffered a concussion, vision may be disturbed, you may lose equilibrium, or you may fall unconscious. In short, the brain is confused.[] One participant endorsed clinically significant improvements in fatigue and pain severity.[]

    Missing: Microcephaly (2-3 SD)

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