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199 Possible Causes for Dizziness, Eye Pain, Presbyopia

  • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

    Among audiovestibular symptoms, tinnitus and dizziness are commonly reported, while vertigo and hearing impairment are infrequent reports.[] pain after being lost to follow-up for 6 years.[] […] eyeglasses and contact lenses in addition to specialized procedures and services like refractive surgery (LASIK ), cataract surgery, including premium lenses to correct presbyopia[]

  • Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

    Your doctor may alter the dose of particular medications, usually over a period of time to reduce the risk of withdrawal symptoms, such as low blood pressure and dizziness[] Five days later, she presented to the eye clinic with eye pain, redness and blurred vision. She was diagnosed with iritis, conjunctivitis and keratitis.[] […] symptom: binocular diplopia Then "darkening vision" in the RIGHT eye Then post operatively, LEFT eye proptosis accompanied by LEFT-sided facial droop Past Ocular History : Presbyopia[]

  • Disorder of Refraction and Accommodation

    Dalziel JE, Fraser K, Young W, Lloyd-West CM, Bassett SA, Roy NC [Misdiagnosis and associated costs of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo].[] (H16.1) Snow blindness / Arc eye — a painful condition caused by exposure of unprotected eyes to bright light (H16.1) Thygeson's superficial punctate keratopathy (H16.4)[] (Medical Encyclopedia) Presbyopia (Medical Encyclopedia) Refraction test (Medical Encyclopedia) [ Read More ][]

  • Hyperopia

    In rare cases, the dilating eyedrops cause: An attack of narrow-angle glaucoma Dizziness Dryness of the mouth Flushing Nausea and vomiting Atebara NH, Miller D, Thall EH.[] If you have been diagnosed with farsightedness or suspect you may have farsightedness and you suddenly develop severe eye pain, eye redness, or decreased vision you should[] PURPOSE: To investigate refractive and visual outcomes and complications of the Supracor procedure to treat presbyopia.[]

  • Asthenopia

    S3D TV for 20 min, a survey of subjective symptoms was conducted with a questionnaire to evaluate the degree of S3D perception and asthenopic symptoms such as headache, dizziness[] In the myopic shift group, the symptoms of "eye fatigue", "eye pain", "eye heaviness", and "eye dryness" also increased after the trial.[] PMID… … Wikipedia Presbyopia — is a condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age.[]

  • Vision Disorder

    : Poor Eye Contact Double Vision Dizziness, Nausea and Headaches Unsteadiness while walking or playing sports Anxiety caused by too much stimuli in their environment Trouble[] Important associated symptoms include eye redness, photophobia, floaters, sensation of lightning-like flashes of light (photopsias), and pain at rest or with eye movement.[] Presbyopia Presbyopia is a condition that typically becomes noticeable for most people around age 45.[]

  • Keratitis

    […] causes progressive scarring  (probably because of earlier diagnosis and treatment)  Although both diseases lead to hearing loss, vestibulatory system dysfunction with vertigo[] Keratitis or corneal ulcer signs and symptoms include: Red eye; Eye pain; Tearing and/or discharge from your eye; Pain or irritation that makes opening your eyelid difficult[] Contact lenses are elements that we use to neutralize the ametropia (myopia, astigmatism, farsightedness and presbyopia) with very good results and minimal complications.[]

  • Myopia

    Two participants in the type II group experienced dizziness; for one participant the dizziness resolved after one month, for the other, the dizziness was accompanied by headaches[] A common use for atropine these days is to reduce eye pain associated with certain types of uveitis.[] Prescription eyeglasses Prescription contact lenses LASIK PRK Refractive surgery Presbyopia What is presbyopia Presbyopia (which literally means "aging eye") is an age-related[]

  • Eye Muscle Disorder

    It’s this movement in and out of fusion that can throw you off-balance and bring on feelings of being lightheaded or dizzy.[] Other symptoms, such as eye pain, bulging eye, or muscle weakness, can be present depending on the cause of double vision.[] Presbyopia is the loss of ability to see close objects or small print. Development of presbyopia is a normal process that happens slowly over a lifetime.[]

  • Glaucoma

    […] e.g. carbachol, pilocarpine) Blurred vision Burning/stinging/discomfort Eyelid twitching Hyperemia Itching Increased tearing Poor vision in dim light Visual disturbances Dizziness[] During the early Common Era, eye pain, a glaucous hue, pupil irregularities, and absence of light perception indicated a poor prognosis with couching.[] Spectacles for presbyopia (1870 – ) were known as a convex glass (1820 – ), then convex glasses (1860 – ), and finally reading glasses (1980 — ) (eReferences in Supplement[]

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