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565 Possible Causes for Dolichocephaly

  • Hypophosphatasia

    The findings in Tutankhamun include: a delicate stature the significant skull form of all family members (dolichocephaly), which is also typical for HPP partially fused neck[]

  • Familial Hypophosphatemia

    […] knots, similar to beads; this is called rachitic rosary Hip deformities (coxa vara) Short stature Tooth decay and abscess formation; late eruption of teeth Narrow head (dolichocephaly[]

  • Marfan Syndrome

    At birth, some dysmorphic signs became apparent, such as loose redundant skin, dolichocephaly, frontal bossing, deeply sunken eyes, micrognathia, contractures of the elbows[] […] extremities), large size, arachnodactyly, joint hypermobility, scoliotic deformations, acetabulum protrusion, thoracic deformity (pectus carinatum or pectus excavatum), dolichocephaly[]

  • Idiopathic Childhood-Onset Basal Ganglia Calcification

    […] recessive inheritance ; Basal ganglia calcification ; Calcification of the small brain vessels ; Decreased body weight ; Dense calcifications in the cerebellar dentate nucleus ; Dolichocephaly[] Decreased body weight Decreased weight Low body weight Low weight Weight less than 3rd percentile [ more ] 0004325 Dense calcifications in the cerebellar dentate nucleus 0002461 Dolichocephaly[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Mental Retardation 5

    […] percentile) 5 large head circumference at birth (usually above the 97th percentile) 5 macrocephaly excessive growth in the first years of life craniofacial dysmorphisms such as dolichocephaly[]

  • Trigonocephaly

    Hip dysplasia - Upington disease feet ( Club foot , Flat feet , Pes cavus ) systemic dislocations Larsen syndrome head , face , spine and chest : skull , face and jaw ( Dolichocephaly[]

  • Smith-McCort Dysplasia

    Smith-McCort dysplasia Symptoms of Smith-McCort dysplasia type 1 Clinical features : Imported from Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) Abnormality of head or neck Deformed sella turcica Dolichocephaly[] 0008829 Disproportionate short-trunk short stature Disproportionate short-trunked dwarfism Disproportionate short-trunked short stature Short-trunked dwarfism [ more ] 0003521 Dolichocephaly[]

  • Carpenter-Waziri Syndrome

    This syndrome's external signs would be an unusual facial appearance with their heads being slightly smaller and unusually shaped, a narrow face which is also called dolichocephaly[] Brachydactyly ; Clinodactyly ; Coarse facial features ; Constipation ; Cryptorchidism ; Decreased testicular size ; Delayed skeletal maturation ; Depressed nasal bridge ; Dolichocephaly[] Features were an unusual facial appearance, cortical atrophy, dolichocephaly, short stature, cleft palate, micrognathia, prominent upper central incisors, bilateral Sidney[]

  • Lateral Meningocele Syndrome

    […] skeletal disorder with facial anomalies, hypotonia and meningocele-related neurologic dysfunction. [1] Presentation [ edit ] Facial features found in this syndrome include dolichocephaly[] Dysmorphic features include dolichocephaly, hypertelorism, ptosis, microretrognathia, high-arched palate, long, flat philtrum, and low-set ears.[] […] these symptoms Atresia of the external auditory canal Absent ear canal 0000413 Conductive hearing impairment Conductive deafness Conductive hearing loss [ more ] 0000405 Dolichocephaly[]

  • Bowing of The Long Bones

    One had dolichocephaly, micrognathia and thoraco-scoliosis; the other had dolicoplagiocephaly, slight hypertelorism, low-set ears, low-set right mandible, bowing of the lower[]

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