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52 Possible Causes for Dolichocephaly, Intracranial Hypertension

  • Hypophosphatasia

    Intracranial hypertension complicated in mild HPP types develops after the age of 1 year and sometimes need neurosurgical intervention.[] The findings in Tutankhamun include: a delicate stature the significant skull form of all family members (dolichocephaly), which is also typical for HPP partially fused neck[] RESULTS: Neurosurgical intervention was necessary in four of them because of intracranial hypertension.[]

  • Empty Sella Syndrome

    The combination of the empty sella syndrome (ESS) and benign intracranial hypertension (BIH) is illustrated by two case histories.[] Additional symptoms are as follows: Abnormality (middle ear ossicles) Cryptorchidism Dolichocephaly Arnold-Chiari type I malformation Meningocele Patent ductus arteriosus[] The intracranial pressure was monitored continuously for at least 48 hours in five patients with empty sella syndrome, who did not have clinical benign intracranial hypertension[]

  • Craniosynostosis

    We present a patient with GAPO syndrome in association with craniosynostosis along with intracranial hypertension, which was the cause of her headache.[] Here, we report the case in China of a 2-year-boy dolichocephaly craniosynostosis.[] This study examines whether specific factors are associated with an increased risk of postoperative headaches or intracranial hypertension.[]

  • Familial Scaphocephaly Syndrome

    The absence of intracranial hypertension in scaphocephalic family members and the associated facial malformation indicates that intellectual impairment might be a primary[] Hypertelorism - Hypoplastic maxillary bones / zygomatic bones / maxillary hypoplasia - Macrocephaly / macrocrania / megalocephaly / megacephaly Frequent - Dental malocclusion - Dolichocephaly[] hypertension.[]

  • Hyperextensible Joints

    hypertension (BIH), and idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH).2 These terms were introduced, respectively, by Nonne,3 Foley,4 and Buchheit et al.5 The variation in nomenclature[] […] displacement of the medial malleolus causing pes planus Pectus excavatum of moderate severity Joint hypermobility High arched palate with dental crowding Facial appearance (dolichocephaly[] PURPOSE To examine anthropometric and maturational characteristics at diagnosis in pediatric idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH).[]

  • Trigonocephaly

    […] of preoperative and postoperative intracranial hypertension in a large patient cohort.[] Hip dysplasia - Upington disease feet ( Club foot , Flat feet , Pes cavus ) systemic dislocations Larsen syndrome head , face , spine and chest : skull , face and jaw ( Dolichocephaly[] Title Very Low Prevalence of Intracranial Hypertension in Trigonocephaly.[]

  • Crouzon Syndrome

    Seven patients developed a bulge at the bregma, and four of them exhibited intracranial hypertension. The genotype varied in our patients.[] This is present in combinations of: turricephaly, frontal bossing, trigonocephaly (fusion of the metopic suture), brachycephaly (fusion of the coronal suture), dolichocephaly[] Intracranial hypertension is a serious complication that may lead to vision loss and cognitive impairment.[]

  • Marfan Syndrome

    Overweg-Plandsoen , Intracranial Hypertension in 2 Children With Marfan Syndrome , Journal of Child Neurology , 10.1177/0883073808315341 , 23 , 8 , (954-955) , (2008) .[] At birth, some dysmorphic signs became apparent, such as loose redundant skin, dolichocephaly, frontal bossing, deeply sunken eyes, micrognathia, contractures of the elbows[] […] extremities), large size, arachnodactyly, joint hypermobility, scoliotic deformations, acetabulum protrusion, thoracic deformity (pectus carinatum or pectus excavatum), dolichocephaly[]

  • Brachycephaly

    They have in common a high risk of severe intracranial hypertension and rare hydrodynamic complications.[] Compare brachycephaly to dolichocephaly , which is a long head. A normal, medium sized head is known as (an abnormally large head).[] Also known as dolichocephaly, scaphocephaly describes an abnormally tall, narrow head shape.[]

  • Isolated Scaphocephaly

    Single suture synostosis and intracranial hypertension. J Ky Med Assoc. 2003; 101: 63-70. 3 Thompson DN, Malcolm GP, Jones BM, et al.[] […] the lateral growth of the skull is arrested while anteroposterior growth continues, producing a narrowly elongated skull known as scaphocephaly (meaning boat-shaped) or dolichocephaly[] Signs & Symptoms Long narrow head (disorder) Where it Occurs Head structure (body structure) Entire head (body structure) Also Known As Dolichocephaly dolichocephalia dolichocephalism[]

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