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155 Possible Causes for Double-Stranded RNA Virus

  • Rotavirus

    Rotavirus is a nonenveloped, double-stranded, RNA virus belonging to the Reoviridae family and is the major etiological agent of viral gastroenteritis in young children and[] Rotavirus is a double-stranded RNA virus that is characterized by substantial genetic diversity.[] Abstract Rotavirus is a double-stranded RNA virus composed of 3 protein layers.[]

  • Colorado Tick Fever

    This agent is a double-stranded RNA virus of the genus Coltivirus in the family Reoviridae. The entire genome has been sequenced.[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Rotavirus: This is a double stranded RNA virus. It is the most common cause of severe diarrhoea among infants and young children and generally lasts less than a week.[] Rotavirus is a nonenveloped, double-stranded RNA virus of the Reoviridae family with a wheel-like appearance under electron microscopy—hence the name.[]

  • Rotavirus Infection

    Abstract Rotavirus is a ubiquitous double-stranded RNA virus responsible for most cases of infantile gastroenteritis.[] Rotavirus is a double-stranded RNA virus, that is categorized under the family of Reoviridae.[] The RNA dependent RNA polymerase of the virus creates mRNA transcripts of the double-stranded viral genome.[]

  • Common Cold

    During this procedure they create long double-stranded strings of the genetic material RNA.[] During this process, the viruses create long strings of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), which is not found in human or other animal cells As part of their natural defence, human[] Our cells usually defend themselves by making proteins that latch on to the RNA and stop the virus from breeding. But many viruses can outsmart this defence system.[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    Like PKR, DRAF1 is activated by double-stranded RNA ( Weaver et al., 1998 ).[] Adenovirus encodes two small (160 nucleotide) virus-associated RNAs transcribed by RNA polymerase III that antagonize activation of PKR by double-stranded RNA ( Burgert et[] RNA is lacking.[]

  • Stomatitis

    Several polyamide molecules have been found to have potent antiviral activities against papillomavirus, a double-stranded DNA virus.[] By analogy, we reason that polyamides may also interact with the structured RNA bound in the nucleocapsid of a negative-strand RNA virus.[]

  • Tonsillitis

    There is one family with a double-stranded RNA genome: Reoviridae.[] There are six negative single-stranded RNA families: Arenaviridae, Bunyaviridae, Filoviridae, Orthomyxoviridae, Paramyxoviridae and Rhabdoviridae.[] There is one additional virus (Hepatitis D virus) which has not yet been assigned to a family but is clearly distinct from the other families infecting humans.[]

  • Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

    Although the double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase (PKR) is activated during HSV infection, the gamma(1)34.5 protein inhibits the activity of PKR by mediating dephosphorylation[] The activation of TLR3 or TLR8 by double-stranded RNA (poly-I:C) or single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) induced IFN-alpha/beta expression.[] Abstract The gamma(1)34.5 protein of herpes simplex virus (HSV) plays a crucial role in virus infection.[]

  • Influenza

    ERK activation is required for double-stranded RNA- and virus-induced interleukin-1 expression by macrophages. J. Biol. Chem. 278 : 16683 -16689. Nakae, S., M. Asano, R.[] Binding of the influenza virus NS1 protein to double-stranded RNA inhibits the activation of the protein kinase that phosphorylates the elF-2 translation initiation factor[]

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