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280 Possible Causes for Down Syndrome, Failure to Thrive, Pica

  • Celiac Disease

    Down syndrome and celiac disease. J Pediatr Gastroent Nutr 21:443-445, 1995. George EK at al. High frequency of celiac disease in Down syndrome. J Peds 128:555-557.[] In young children, gastrointestinal presentations are common and include chronic diarrhea, failure to thrive, and abdominal distention; however, extraintestinal manifestations[] […] to thrive.[]

  • Mental Retardation

    What is Down syndrome?[] ASSOCIATED PROBLEMS • Self injury • Pica • CP • Epilepsy • Toilet probs • Sleep disorders • Eating problems • Poisoning • Sexual abuse • Learning disorders • Behavior problems[] The patient presented with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency as well as failure-to-thrive.[]

  • Childhood Celiac Disease

    One child had Down syndrome, and one child had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with hypothyroidism.[] Abstract Persistent pica may be either a cause or a result of iron deficiency.[] "Celiac disease presentations are highly variable and should be at least considered with many different symptoms, including abdominal pain, failure to thrive/weight loss and[]

  • Esophagitis

    (eg, Cornelia de Lange syndrome, Down syndrome); and those with chronic lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis (2,3).[] This occasionally occurs through occupational exposure (via breathing of fumes that mix into the saliva which is then swallowed) or through pica.[] It presents with failure to thrive, nausea, and vomiting in children and is a common reason for dysphagia and food impaction in adults.[]

  • Atrioventricular Septal Defect

    We found only one reported case of congenital hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and atrioventricular septal defect in an infant with Down syndrome.[] Pulmonary arterial hypertension Congestive heart failure T-wave alternans Prolonged QT interval Atrioventricular block Atrial fibrillation Bradycardia Aortic valve atresia Pica[] The main symptoms are feeding problems, failure to thrive and frequent pulmonary infections. The symptoms are similar to those caused by a large VSD.[]

  • Eating Disorder

    […] contributing to the board. 7 replies to this topic #1 Yssn Newbie Members 7 posts Posted 02 December 2017 - 06:00 PM I don't really know if dermatophagia is considered a pica[] Failure to thrive” due to pontine glioma. Arch Neurol 1977 ; 34 : 295 –7. Rohmer A, Ebtinger R, Bronstein MJ. Fausse anorexie nerveux. Vrai tumeur du IV ventricle.[] Eating habits and attitudes of mothers of children with nonorganic failure to thrive. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 70, 234-236. Google Scholar Mitchell, J.[]

  • Brandt Syndrome

    WHAT IS DOWN SYNDROME?[] […] inferior cerebellar artery, though 75-90% of large-vessel lateral medullary syndrome is due to vertebral artery disease; with the remaining majority being due to isolated PICA[] Case1: Four-month-old male patient was admitted with diffuse skin eruptions, failure to thrive, edema, hypoalbuminemia and anemia.His sweat test was not diagnostic; but he[]

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    We previously found that OS occurs in Down Syndrome as well as in Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS).[] It is possible one or more of these processes may be shared with other eating disorders, such as forms of bulimia, anorexia nervosa, pica, or other forms of genetically regulated[] Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is characterized by infantile lethargy and hypotonia causing poor feeding and failure to thrive, childhood obesity, short stature, and hypogonadism[]

  • Erythroderma Desquamativum

    Down syndrome –Turner syndrome –Russell-Silver dwarfism –Fetal alcohol syndrome * Anatomic –Cleft lip/palate –Malrotation –Pyloric stenosis * Lead poisoning Prevention -[] […] with Elfin Facies Early Treatment for Malocclusion Earwax Eastern equine encephalitis Eat a Balanced Diet for Mental Health Eating Disorder, Bulimic Type Eating Disorder, Pica[] […] to thrive .[]

  • CAMFAK Syndrome

    syndrome wikihow . male dyspareunia meaning causes and treatment . charcot marie tooth disease the neurology lounge . melody maker august 6 1977 the elvis costello wiki .[] […] combined degeneration of spinal cord (B12) Cauda equina syndrome Anterior spinal artery syndrome Brainstem Medulla (CN 8, 9, 10, 12) Lateral medullary syndrome/Wallenberg PICA[] Diseases related to Cataract, Microcephaly, Failure to Thrive, Kyphoscoliosis Syndrome via text searches within MalaCards or GeneCards Suite gene sharing: Human phenotypes[]

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