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139 Possible Causes for Down Syndrome, Macrosomia, Neonatal Hypoglycemia

  • Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome

    Prune belly anomalies in a girl with Down syndrome. Pediatr Nephrol. 2003;18:1191-92. Wisanuyotin S, Dell KM, Vogt BA, et al.[] Its clinical features are heterogeneous, including macrosomia, macroglossia, hemihyperplasia, abdominal wall defects, neonatal hypoglycemia, and increased risk of embryonal[] […] syndrome characterized by overgrowth (macrosomia), an increased risk of childhood cancer and congenital malformations Beckwith–Wiedemann syndrome edit Language Label Description[]

  • Maternal Diabetes Syndrome

    In 1997, Narchi and Kulaylat, studying the incidence of Down syndrome in infants of gestational diabetic mothers, concluded that maternal diabetes increases the risk for Down[] […] diabetes mellitus P70.3 Iatrogenic neonatal hypoglycemia P70.4 Other neonatal hypoglycemia P70.8 Other transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn P70.9 Transitory[] macrosomia Fetal macrosomia ( 90th percentile for gestational age or 4000 g in the term infant) occurs in 15-45% of diabetic pregnancies.[]

  • Diabetes in Pregnancy

    In cell-free DNA, they extract some of this DNA from your blood and analyze it to determine your fetus’s risk of chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome.[] Neonatal hypoglycemia was significantly less and so was NICU stay of 24 hours in metformin group (P 0.01).[] However, women with GDM possibly exhibit greater macrosomia than obese women.[]

  • Gestational Diabetes

    With this classification, the offspring has a 50 percent chance of diabetes 1 as well as the other conditions that are part of the syndrome.[] Main outcome measures were neonatal hypoglycemia defined as blood glucose 36 mg/dL (severe) and 47 mg/dL (mild).[] (GDM-M) comparing with patients without macrosomia; ii, increased in GDM-M comparing with NC-P group; iii, increased in GDM-M comparing with NC.[]

  • Congenital Hypothyroidism

    CONCLUSIONS: T4-based screening does not identify many cases of congenital hypothyroidism in neonates with Down syndrome.[] In fact, only about 5% of infants have detectable physical findings or symptoms at birth that may include: post-dates delivery macrosomia open posterior fontanelle umbilical[] KEYWORDS: Down syndrome; galactocele; hypothyroidism; infancy[]

  • Polycythemia Neonatorum

    .: Congenital marrow dysfunction in Down's syndroms. J.[] List signs of neonatal hypoglycemia.[] 40 weeks Most common type of craniosynostosis Scaphocephaly - sagittal suture fusing prematurely (80% of cases in males) Complications of being post-dates (3) (1) Fetal macrosomia[]

  • Congenital Heart Disease

    […] more common in people with Down syndrome.[] hypoglycemia and thrombocytopenia Consider neonatal blood count and electrolyte evaluation Yes (AAP)No (WHO) Maintenance therapy permissible, but therapy not usually started[] Two- to three-toe syndactyly, cleft palate, lung anomalies, genital anomalies X-linked Recessive Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome 25 ASD; VSD; rare, variable cardiomyopathy Macrosomia[]

  • Extreme Fetal Immaturity

    McMahon's series, another 1,183 cases (about 56%) were for "fetal flaws," but these included a great many non-lethal disorders, such as cleft palate and Down Syndrome.[] hypoglycemia P704Other neonatal hypoglycemia P708Other transitory disorders of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn P709Transitory disorder of carbohydrate metabolism of newborn[] Includes: the listed conditions, without further specification, as causes of mortality, morbidity or additional care, in fetus or newborn P08.0 Exceptionally large baby Usually[]

  • Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    Downs Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) Scoring System is an index designed to objectively assess the clinical severity of hyaline membrane disease.[] Would also see hypoglycemia in these infants (because pancrease producing a large amount of insulin in response to being bathed by maternal insulin).[] Risk factors include maternal asthma, 2 male sex, macrosomia, maternal diabetes, 3 and cesarean delivery. 4 The clinical presentation includes tachypnea immediately after[]

  • Simpson Dysmorphia Syndrome

    People with Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome have distinctive facial features including widely spaced eyes ( ocular hypertelorism ), an unusually large mouth ( macrostomia )[] As with other overgrowth syndromes, hypoglycemia may occur in the neonatal period, and hepatomegaly has been described (Neri et al., 1998).[] Prenatal-onset overgrowth can be secondary to normal variants of familial tall stature, familial rapid maturation, diabetic macrosomia, and congenital nesidioblastosis, or[]

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