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25 Possible Causes for Downslanting Palpebral Fissures, Downturned Mouth Corners, Long Lashes

  • Autosomal-Recessive Robinow Syndrome

    corners of mouth Downturned corners of the mouth Downturned mouth [ more ] 0002714 Epicanthus Eye folds Prominent eye folds [ more ] 0000286 High palate Elevated palate Increased[] palpebral fissures ; Duplication of the distal phalanx of hand ; Flat face ; Frontal bossing ; Gingival overgrowth ; Global developmental delay ; Hydronephrosis ; Hypertelorism[] […] philtrum - Long / thick / curved lashes / trichomegaly / polytrichia - Low set ears / posteriorly rotated ears - Macrocephaly / macrocrania / megalocephaly / megacephaly[]

  • Cerebro-Facio-Thoracic Dysplasia

    corners of the mouth, and micrognathia.[] , syndactyly of toes Ritscher-Schinzel: Dandy-Walker malformation of the brain; atrioventricular septal defect Hypertelorism, downslanting palpebral fissures, low-set ears[] Wieczorek Dagmar - - 2003 We describe an 8.5-year-old boy with facial dysmorphism consisting of a round and flat face, telecanthus, periorbital fullness, short nose, downturned[]

  • Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome

    corners of the mouth, down-turned palpebral fissures, vertically narrow palpebral fissures, high palate, hypertrichosis on back, postnatal growth retardation for height ([] palpebral fissures Downward slanting of the opening between the eyelids 0000494 Epicanthus Eye folds Prominent eye folds [ more ] 0000286 Failure to thrive Faltering weight[] Affected individuals had long lashes, wide-set eyes, arched brows, a long philtrum (the space between the nose and the upper lip), short nose, low-set ears and a high palate[]

  • Acrorenal Mandibular Syndrome

    corners of mouth Oligodontia Small for gestational age Sparse hair Hyperlordosis Kyphoscoliosis Macrotia Gait ataxia Acidosis Abnormal vertebral morphology Type I diabetes[] palpebral fissures epicanthal folds Head And Neck Head: scaphocephaly Growth Other: intrauterine growth retardation (iugr) Cardiovascular Vascular: aberrant origin vertebral[] […] eye lashes, long philtrum, low-set ears, short upturned nose, thin downturned lips OTHER: developmental delay (severe speech delay mild-moderate MR), seizures (23%), congenital[]

  • Blepharophimosis - Intellectual Disability Syndrome Type Verloes

    […] with everted lower lip and downturned lip corners), low posterior hairline, short, broad neck, marked general hirsutism and abnormal hair whorls, skin changes (e.g. dry skin[] palpebral fissures 3/6 7/9 - Epicanthi 5/7 2/9 Dysmorphic nose 6/6 6/9 High arched palate 5/6 3/9 - - Abnormal ears 2/6 7/9 Micrognathia 3/6 8/9 - Congenital heart defect[] Facial characteristics included a prominent forehead, up-swept frontal hairline, downslanting palpebral fissures, ocularhypertelorism, and small prominent ears with a simplified[]

  • Warburg Micro Syndrome 3

    All of the affected children had microcephaly, brachycephaly, microphthalmia, microcornea, low anterior hairline, large protruding pinnae, and downturned mouth corners.[] palpebral fissures - dental malocclusion - growth retardation - respiratory disorders during sleep (80 %): especially obstructive and non-obstructive apneas - disorders of[] lashes, beaked nose, and high narrow palate), micrognathia, hirsutism, and low anterior hairline.[]

  • Cornelia De Lange Syndrome

    Clinical description Distinctive facial features include: well-defined curved and confluent eyebrows, long eyelashes, anteverted nares, micrognathia, and downturned corners[] palpebral fissures, and downturned corners of the mouth.[] […] course, the bushy eyebrows and long lashes (in 98%).[]

  • Progeroid Syndrome Type Petty

    corners of mouth Downturned corners of the mouth Downturned mouth [ more ] 0002714 Entropion Eyelid turned in 0000621 Frontal bossing 0002007 Hypertelorism Wide-set eyes[] palpebral fissures Downward slanting of the opening between the eyelids 0000494 High, narrow palate Narrow, high-arched roof of mouth Narrow, highly arched roof of mouth[] lashes * Loose skin * Large fontanel * Low set ears * Poor skull calcification * Protruding jaw * Prematurely aged face * Short stature * Small face * Underdeveloped end[]

  • Lytic Bone Lesion

    corners of mouth Downturned corners of the mouth Downturned mouth [ more ] 0002714 Full cheeks Apple cheeks Big cheeks Increased size of cheeks Large cheeks [ more ] 0000293[] palpebral fissures / anti-mongoloid slanting palpebral fissures - Facial dysmorphism - Hypertelorism - Long philtrum - Micrognathia / retrognathia / micrognathism / retrognathism[] […] eyebrows and lashes, prominent supraorbital ridges, hyper- telorism, micrognathia, highly arched palate, hick tongue, and stenotic ear canals (Fig. 1).[]

  • Short Palpebral Fissure

    corners of the mouth.[] Learn more about how to achieve it with Mendelian Learn more Other signs and symptoms that you may find interesting Downslanted palpebral fissures and Brain atrophy, related[] His neuromotor development was normal and hypertelorism, downslanting palpebral fissures , hypoplasia of right auricle, hypoplasia of the maxillary bones and narrow forehead[]

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