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141 Possible Causes for Downturned Corners of the Mouth

  • Native American Myopathy

    corners of the mouth, short stature, and marked susceptibility to malignant hyperthermia.[] Symptoms in NAM include congenital muscle weakness and contractures, progressive scoliosis, early ventilatory failure, a peculiar facial gestalt with mild ptosis and downturned[]

  • Russell-Silver Syndrome

    corners of the mouth Fifth finger clinodactyly May have coffee coloured birthmark *Please be aware, not all of the characteristics may be present* Other information about[] corners of mouth Downturned corners of the mouth Downturned mouth [ more ] 0002714 Failure to thrive in infancy Faltering weight in infancy Weight faltering in infancy [[] corners of the mouth .[]

  • Warburg Micro Syndrome 3

    corners of mouth ; Flexion contracture ; Hypertrichosis ; Hypoplasia of the corpus callosum ; Intellectual disability, profound ; Kyphoscoliosis ; Low anterior hairline ;[] All of the affected children had microcephaly, brachycephaly, microphthalmia, microcornea, low anterior hairline, large protruding pinnae, and downturned mouth corners.[] mouth corners.[]

  • Deletion of the Long Arm of Chromosome 18

    corners of mouth and delayed eruption of teeth. [1], [6] Hermesch et al. (2000) observed quite similar prevalence of dental caries in genetically unaffected siblings and[] […] and D18S1149 on 18q, a distance of approximately 4 Mb. [5] Orofacial findings observed in this syndrome can be long philtrum, microstomy, malocclusion, dental hypoplasia, downturned[]

  • Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome

    Microcephaly, hypertelorism, prominent glabella, high arched eyebrows, broad nose, short philtrum, downturned corners of the mouth, dysplastic ears with pits/tags.[] corner of the mouth Microcephaly Low-set ears with pits or tags Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)/postnatal growth deficiency Hypotonia with decreased muscle bulk Present[] corners of the mouth, micrognathia, and poorly formed ears with pits/tags.[]

  • Disorder of Sex Development - Intellectual Disability Syndrome

    Showing of 31 80%-99% of people have these symptoms Deeply set eye Deep set eye Deep-set eyes Sunken eye [ more ] 0000490 Downturned corners of mouth Downturned corners of[] corners of mouth 60 33 hallmark (90%) Very frequent (99-80%) HP:0002714 16 hypoplasia of penis 60 33 hallmark (90%) Very frequent (99-80%) HP:0008736 17 spina bifida occulta[] […] the mouth Downturned mouth [ more ] 0002714 Genu valgum Knock knees 0002857 Hypogonadism Decreased activity of gonads 0000135 Hypoplasia of penis Underdeveloped penis 0008736[]

  • Obesity

    She showed normal linear growth and cognition, but mildly dysmorphic facial traits including deeply-set eyes, prominent zygomatic bones, downturned mouth corners and low-set[]

  • Jacobsen Syndrome

    These include: wide-set eyes with droopy eyelids small and low-set ears a broad nasal bridge downturned corners of the mouth a small lower jaw a thin upper lip skin folds[] ), a broad nasal bridge , downturned corners of the mouth , a thin upper lip , and a small lower jaw .[] These include small and low-set ears, widely set eyes ( hypertelorism ) with droopy eyelids ( ptosis ), skin folds covering the inner corner of the eyes ( epicanthal folds[]

  • Pterygium

    corners of the mouth, long philtrum, high-arched palate, digital and intercrural webbings, and aplasia of the labia majora were indicative of MPS (Escobar syndrome).[] Pterygium of the neck, low posterior hairline, widely spaced nipples, cubitus valgus, upslanting palpebral fissures, hypertelorism, micrognathia, low-set ears, downturning[]

  • Cornelia De Lange Syndrome

    Clinical description Distinctive facial features include: well-defined curved and confluent eyebrows, long eyelashes, anteverted nares, micrognathia, and downturned corners[] corners of the mouth.[] corners of mouth Downturned corners of the mouth Downturned mouth [ more ] 0002714 Gastroesophageal reflux Acid reflux Acid reflux disease Heartburn [ more ] 0002020 Generalized[]

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