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65 Possible Causes for Drooling, Foaming at the Mouth, Muscle Weakness

  • Zygadenus Poisoning

    weakness, convulsions, involuntary urination. paralysis, loss of consciousness, coma, death due to respiratory paralysis [Solanum-type Alkaloids] [Where poisons are found[] Symptoms include: excessive watering (foaming) of the mouth, burning following by numbness of the lips and mouth, thirst, headache, dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, persistent[] Symptoms include vomiting, drooling, decrease in blood pressure, pupil dilation, diarrhea and weakness.[]

  • Botulism

    Complaints included muscle weakness in the upper and lower limbs (N 5), dysphagia (N 5), dizziness (N 2), dyspnoea (N 2), dysphonia (N 2), dysarthria (N 2), fatigue (N 1),[] In the infant, clinical symptoms are usually unspecific such as poor feeding, weak suck, feeble cry, drooling, followed by a symmetric, descending, flaccid paralysis beginning[] Other symptoms of botulism can include: flat facial expression poor feeding (weak sucking) weak cry decreased movement trouble swallowing with excessive drooling muscle weakness[]

  • Inhalation of Cadmium Fumes

    weakness Inhalation of cadmium fumes can cause severe lung inflammation to the point of potentially causing your death.[] Inhalation of cadmium fumes can severely damage the lungs and cause muscle weakness, shooting pain in the chest, dry throat, coughing, excessive sweating, shivering, pneumonitis[] The nervous system may be affected, resulting in the following various problems: shaky hands, muscular weakness and, at the worst, paralysis, which often begins in the muscles[]

  • Parathion Poisoning

    An intermediate syndrome characterized by respiratory paresis, weakness in the territory of several motor cranial nerves and of proximal limb and neck flexor muscles, persisted[] The clinical characteristics included respiratory paresis, weakness in the territories of several motor cranial nerves, neck flexors and proximal limb muscles, and depressed[] Necrotic fibers were noted in muscle biopsies, but these fibers were too sparse to explain severe muscle weakness and were similar in patients with and without the intermediate[]

  • Cholinergic Crisis

    Myasthenic crisis also results in respiratory muscle weakness, which can lead to respiratory failure and death.[] Muscle weakness will improve with edrophonium if the patient has myasthenia gravis while muscle symptoms will worsen in a patient with cholinergic crisis.[] Muscle weakness, respiratory failure and excess salivation are likely to follow.[]

  • Chlordane Poisoning

    Abstract Chlordane was, prior to regulatory action by EPA in 1976, an extensively used insecticide for both household and agricultural pest control purposes. It was readily available to the general public for many years; thus, human exposure, including poisonings, has been documented. A case reporting fatal chlordane[…][]

  • Cadmium Ingestion

    Tiredness Muscle pain Joint pain Constipation Heavy Metal Poisoning Treatment Your doctor may recommend a urine or blood test to find out if you have heavy metal poisoning[] […] your symptoms may include: Confusion Numbness Nausea Vomiting Falling into a coma Long-term or chronic exposure to heavy metals may cause the following symptoms: Headache Weakness[]

  • Carbamate Poisoning

    Miosis (73%), excessive salivation (70%), muscle weakness (68%), and lethargy (54%) were the most common abnormal signs; 49% and 22% of patients had tachycardia and seizures[] […] decreased level of consciousness and lack of responsiveness) Convulsions Dizziness Headache Weakness BLADDER AND KIDNEYS Increased urination EYES, EARS, NOSE, AND THROAT Drooling[] Flaccid muscle weakness, miosis, excessive salivation are common presenting signs.[]

  • Sarin Poisoning

    Physicians must perform a quick physical examination during which cholinergic effects of sarin poisoning must be observed - miosis, sweating, hypothermia, muscle weakness,[] According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), victims were having difficulty breathing, foaming at the mouth, seizures, bleeding from the nose and mouth, fainting[] The nose runs, the eyes cry, the mouth drools and vomits, and bowels and bladder evacuate themselves. It is not a dignified state.[]

  • Exposure to Nerve Gas

    Signs: Nicotinic Receptors (Skeletal muscle, Ganglia) Skeletal Muscle changes Initial Fasciculations Muscle Twitching Later Weakness Flaccid paralysis Ganglion ic effects[] Witnesses described seeing victims of yesterday’s attack foaming at the mouth and suffering fits.[] The victim will next have difficulty breathing, and will experience nausea and drooling.[]

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