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317 Possible Causes for Drooling, Insomnia, Paresthesia

  • Acrodynia

    Symptoms of acrodynia include irritability, insomnia, loss of appetite, loosening of teeth, inflammation of the mouth, and… Read More[] Besides peripheral neuropathy (presenting as paresthesia or itching, burning or pain) and discoloration, swelling (edema) and desquamation may occur.[] […] children that is an allergic reaction to mercury, is characterized by dusky pink discoloration of hands and feet with local swelling and intense itching, and is accompanied by insomnia[]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    The first case showed hyperhidrosis, insomnia, generalied myokymia, cramps, tremor, weight loss, and myokymic and neuromyotonic discharges, followed by encephalopathy with[] These patients with chronic MeHg poisoning continue to complain of distal paresthesias of the extremities and the lips even 30 years after cessation of exposure to MeHg.[] The most commonly seen complaints are headache, tremor, impaired cognitive skills, weakness, muscle atrophy, and paresthesia.[]

  • Rabies

    Progressive Rabies Symptoms As the disease progresses, neurological symptoms appear and may include: Insomnia Anxiety Confusion Slight or partial paralysis Excitation Hallucinations[] The second phase, the prodromal period, lasts 2 to 10 days and is characterized by paresthesia or pain at the inoculation site.[] The Salivary glands are concentrated with the virus in the infected animal and cause excessive drooling. This is the primary way the virus transmits itself.[]

  • Stroke

    A novel insomnia identification method based on Hjorth parameters. 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT); 2015 Dec 7–10[] Doctors may refer to the tingling sensations as paresthesia. Here we look at possible causes, diagnosis, and treatment options.[] Having insomnia Insomnia is just as bad for your heart as it is disruptive to your schedule.[]

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    […] weakness Numbness or other abnormal feeing in your arms or legs Dizziness Vision problems Difficulty swallowing Ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus) Hearing loss Vomiting Insomnia[] Over 5 years, the patient developed paresthesias, worsened headaches, and decreased hand coordination.[] Children and infants may show symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing and excessive drooling, weakness in arms, breathing problems and developmental delays.[]

  • Myxedema

    Monitor for overdose of thyroid medications, characterized by tachycardia, restlessness,, nervousness, and insomnia.[] She's not drooling and her gag reflex is intact. You also note diffuse alopecia and bilateral nonpitting pretibial edema, as well as diminished deep tendon reflexes.[] Paresthesia, ataxia, and prolongation of the deep tendon reflexes are characteristic neurologic manifestations. Bell's palsy due to hypothyroidism has been reported.[]

  • Phencyclidine Intoxication

    […] terms Diagnostic Evaluation (MTB) THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH... 28 terms Schizoid Personality Disorder (CFPsych 6) 13 terms Dementia (CFPsych 23) 5 terms Primary Insomnia[] Dizziness, paresthesias, headache, nausea, or tremor may occur. Body temperature should be monitored and any elevation treated promptly.[] This may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, vertical nystagmus, drooling, loss of balance, and dizziness.[]

  • Insulinoma

    The same team demonstrated a positive impact on quality of life in a series of 50 patients, with improvement in fatigue, insomnia and pain scores [ 109 ].[] The patient reported occasional episodes of weakness, sweating, pallor, tremor, confusion, paresthesias, and visual blurring in the previous year.[] Signs can be something as small as drooling, up to a full-blown screaming seizure.[]

  • Sleep Apnea

    Patients with complex sleep apnea syndrome had fewer maintenance-insomnia complaints (32% vs 79%; p .05) than patients with CSA but were otherwise not significantly different[] This type of sleep apnea can also cause neurological symptoms like numbness and tingling. Reproductive system Sleep apnea can reduce your desire to have sex.[] The side-effects of oral appliances can include excessive salivation (drooling), temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) pain and over time, altered bite and dental problems.[]

  • Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis

    Clinical Manifestations Fullness and distention in the chest Irritability Occasional fright palpitations Urinary difficulty Constipation Delirious speech Insomnia Subcardiac[] When PAD becomes severe, you may have: Impotence Pain and cramps at night Pain or tingling in the feet or toes, which can be so severe that even the weight of clothes or bed[] Transforms Phlegm Soothes the Liver Extinguishes Wind Herb Formulas Points Clinical Manifestations Hemiplegia Paralysis Atrophy of the lower limbs Facial paralysis Slurred speech Drooling[]

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