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1,090 Possible Causes for Drop Attacks

  • Meniere's Disease

    Drop attacks are a medical emergency and must be treated immediately to prevent injury to the patient and/or others.[] Some people with Meniere's disease have "drop attacks" during which the dizziness is so bad they lose their balance and fall. Scientists don't yet know the cause.[] This is because you may have sudden attacks of vertigo, or even drop attacks, with little warning.[]

  • Orthostatic Hypotension

    OH is defined specifically as a 20mmHg drop in systolic, and/or a 10mmHg drop in diastolic BP within 3 min of standing.[] Heart attacks and heart failure may put you at risk. [13] Irregular heart rhythms can cause this drop in blood pressure, as can valve disease. 7 Decide if your medication[] Postprandial hypotension is a sudden drop in blood pressure after a meal.[]

  • Syncope

    It has many causes, and is distinct from vertigo, seizures, coma, falls, psychogenic pseudosyncope, drop attacks, transient ischaemic attacks, and states of altered consciousness[]

  • Vasovagal Syncope

    It has many causes, and is distinct from vertigo, seizures, coma, falls, psychogenic pseudosyncope, drop attacks, transient ischaemic attacks, and states of altered consciousness[] Drop attacks. Dizziness or vertigo without loss of consciousness. Alcohol/drug abuse. Transient ischaemic attacks / stroke. Psychogenic pseudosyncope.[] , attacks unconsciousness R55 drop NEC R55 syncope R55 vasomotor R55 vasovagal R55 (paroxysmal) (idiopathic) Blackout R55 Collapse R55 general R55 Drop (in) attack NEC R55[]

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia

    Abstract Cardiac arrhythmias are major life-threatening conditions. The landmark discovery of induced pluripotent stem cells has provided a promising in vitro system for modeling hereditary cardiac arrhythmias as well as drug development and toxicity testing. Nowadays, nutraceuticals are frequently used as[…][]

  • Migraine

    Serotonin levels drop during migraine attacks.[] […] during migraine attacks, causing the trigeminal system to release substances called neuropeptides, which cause headache pain. ( 9 ) A change in the weather or barometric[] Journal of Head and Face Pain found that migraine frequency was associated with the severity of depression and anxiety. ( 8 ) Researchers have found that serotonin levels drop[]

  • Micturition Syncope

    Cerebrovascular disease is an uncommon cause of syncope, In patients with vertebrobasilar transient ischemic attacks or subclavian steal syndrome, syncope and drop attacks[] Differential diagnosis of Blackouts • Syncope • Epilepsy • Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures •Cataplexy  Drop attack • Transient CSF obstruction • Transient ischaemic attack[] It is thought that the reticular activating system controls consciousness and that ischemia of this region may lead to drop attacks or syncope.[]

  • Epilepsy

    Atonic seizures, also known as drop attacks, drop seizures or akinetic epileptic drop attacks, may involve a sudden loss of muscle tone, a head drop or leg weakening.[] Lennox-Gestaut syndrome or other epilepsies with drop attacks. Epilepsies where the seizure focus is in an area essential for function.[] Atonic Seizures These are also known as “drop attacks” or “drop seizures.” The person’s normal resting muscle tension (called “tone”) goes limp.[]

  • Subclavian Steal Syndrome

    […] symptoms (diplopia, bilateral visual loss, drop attacks, etc).[] The symptoms from the compromised vertebrobasilar and brachial blood flows constitute the subclavian steal syndrome (SSS), and include paroxysmal vertigo, drop attacks and[] Attacks (a sudden spontaneous falling to the ground from a standing position, not usually associated with a loss of consciousness)[]

  • Carotid Sinus Syncope

    Syncope Deglutitional Syncopes Drop Attack Drop Attacks Effort Syncope Effort Syncopes Episode, Syncopal Fainting Hyperventilation Syncope Hyperventilation Syncopes Micturition[] In an additional prospective, controlled cohort study of 1,149 subjects presenting with unexplained syncope and drop attacks, 19% had carotid sinus hypersensitivity and 31%[] Symptomatic CSH was defined as the presence of symptoms of syncope, falls, or drop attacks with a positive CSM.[]

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