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954 Possible Causes for Dry, Brittle Hair, Echogenic Kidneys, small

  • Blepharitis

    Small pustules develop in lash follicles, and eyelids become "glued" together by dried drainage during sleep.[] […] cause of dry eyes and blepharitis.[] Pretty much everywhere you have hair, you also have oil glands. These glands help to lubricate your hair and prevent it from turning brittle.[] For ointments, use a clean fingertip to rub a small amount into the eyelashes.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Keratosis Pilaris

    The small papules impart a stippled appearance to the skin resembling gooseflesh.[] OBJECTIVES: To investigate whether BMI, dry scaly legs and atopic conditions could be associated with KP in a healthy population of adolescents.[] It is suggested that the brittleness of the HTKP hair might result from this alteration of the fibrous protein composition of the hair.[] However, five months later small, monomorphic, rough, folliculocentric papules with surrounding mild erythema characteristic of keratosis pilaris were noted on upper back[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Alagille Syndrome

    The bile ducts pertain to the small tubes found in the liver; their main job is to carry bile from the liver to the small intestine.[] Wound care: For biopsy and/or cholangiogram, leave the wound dry for about five days, then the baby can bathe.[] […] disease, small kidneys, echogenic kidneys and nephrocalcinosis 5 ocular posterior embryotoxon skeletal butterfly type vertebrae ( 50%) facial triangular facial cardiovascular[] Conservative management of pruritus entails taking care to keep the skin hydrated with emollients, trimming the fingernails, and taking short baths or showers to limit drying[]

    Missing: Brittle Hair
  • Marasmus

    Children acquired the sickness of Kwashiorkor because of small gap interval between the successive pregnancies by the mothers.[] Other symptoms may include diarrhea; dehydration; behavioral changes; dry, loose skin; and dry, brittle hair.[] Dry skin and brittle hair are also symptoms of marasmus. Marasmus can also make children short-tempered and irritable.[] However marasmus is more common than kwashiorkor in dry climates as they will also usually lack fluids.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Constipation

    Our objectives were to compare the pH in the proximal small intestine (SI) (first 60 min of small intestinal transit) lumen of human volunteers and patients with symptomatic[] In this study, we aimed to investigate the efficacy of dry cupping therapy (an Eastern traditional manipulative therapy) in children with functional constipation.[] brittle fingernails impaired memory a puffy face A blood test known as a thyroid function test can help assess the function of your thyroid.[] CASE CHARACTERISTICS: A 10-day-old full-term male neonate of Waardenburg syndrome presented with constipation since birth along with features of small bowel obstruction.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Tinea Pedis

    This report discusses a small (n 32) clinical trial designed to determine whether sertaconazole nitrate 2% cream, used once daily, is as effective as the traditional regimen[] In addition: Keep your feet clean and dry, especially between your toes. Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water and dry the area carefully and completely.[] The masses surround the hairs, which become brittle; hairs may be penetrated by fungus and thus split.[] LIMITATIONS: This study was conducted in a relatively small population under controlled clinical trial conditions.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Thyroid Gland Disorder

    The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower neck. It produces hormones (T3 and T4) which help with regulating the function of other organs.[] Slow growing dry, brittle, coarse hair and diminished body hair: the drying and coarseness are considered to be partly due to the reduced secretion of sebum.[] Initially: Fatigue, constipation, cold intolerance, slowing of mental and physical performance Late: weight gain, forgetfulness, dry and brittle hair, slow reflexes, deep[] Most patients complain of slow metabolism, slow heartbeat, weight gain, puffy skin, brittle hair, constipation and fatigue.[3] [5] [6] Once hypothyroidism has been diagnosed[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Ichthyosis

    Successful treatment with topical N-acetylcysteine has been reported in a small number of patients, with generally good results.[] Ichthyosis is a common skin disorder characterized by the formation of dry, fish-like scales on the skin’s surface.[] The hallmark of these syndromes is the deficiency of sulfur in hair matrix proteins, leading to short and brittle hair.[] There are a small number of lethal forms, such as harlequin fetus.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Hypothyroidism

    We herein report the case of a 62-year-old Japanese man with non-small-cell lung cancer who developed immune thrombocytopenia and hypothyroidism during nivolumab therapy.[] Symptoms include weight gain, constipation, dry skin, and sensitivity to the cold.[] Other findings may include pale, yellow skin, thin and brittle hair, coarse facial features, brittle nails, firm swelling of the arms and legs, and mental slowing.[] […] patients were successfully treated with oral hormone reposition therapy and in one patient, the replacement was performed via rectal enemas due to a complete absence of small[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys
  • Monilethrix

    A very small number of patients experience unusual hairs in their eyebrows, pubic regions, or underarms as well.[] The hair will also be dry and fragile and only growth a little before it breaks off due to it's twisted shape.[] A 4-year-old girl presented with sparse, brittle hair on her entire scalp and keratosis pilaris on the nape of her neck.[] The clinical features of the disease include HYPOTRICHOSIS, dry, and/or brittle hair, with varying degrees of ALOPECIA.[]

    Missing: Echogenic Kidneys

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