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2,520 Possible Causes for Dry Cough, Labored Breathing, Mycobacterium Chelonae

  • Pulmonary Atypical Mycobacterial Infection

    chelonae or Mycobacterium abscessus .[] She was first to get sick, with shortness of breath and a dry cough that progressed to fevers as high as 104, chills, night sweats and weight loss.[] The most common symptom of NTM lung disease is a chronic or recurring dry cough , occasionally with sputum.[]

  • Congestive Heart Failure

    A 66-year-old woman with a history of myocardial infarction 2 months prior presented to our respiratory department with several days of dry cough and night sweats.[] Some babies will have normal length, but low weight for age Shortness of breath or labored breathing Fatigue Needing to take frequent rest breaks while playing with friends[] Cough Most commonly a dry cough (without phlegm) More severe heart failure can cause a wet cough-coughing up pink, frothy fluid.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    A 35-year-old Sri Lankan patient, with severe gastroesophageal reflux disease and a hiatus hernia, contracted a pulmonary infection with Mycobacterium fortuitum-chelonae.[] A persistent regurgitation of the acid into the throat and back of the mouth particularly at night may lead to a persistent dry cough.[] It may be that labored breathing and coughing in some way cause acid reflux Asthma medications may relax the LES, causing acid reflux The reverse may be true: acid reflux[]

  • Spasmodic Croup

    It is followed by throat pain and dry croup cough. Croup generally occurs in children and infants.[] As the cough gets more frequent, the child may have labored breathing or stridor (a harsh, crowing noise made during inspiration).[] […] constantly cranky, irritable, or uncomfortable Has very hard, labored breathing Has neck or chest muscles that “pull in” when she breathes Is very tired, sleepy, or hard[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Croup

    What does croup cough sound like? Croup is a dry cough that sounds like a seal barking.[] If your toddler has labored breathing or stridor when he's resting, take him to the hospital.[] If your child has labored breathing or stridor when she's resting, take her to the hospital.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Silicosis

    The most common species were Mycobacterium avium complex, Mycobacterium genavense and Mycobacterium chelonae.[] Initially, the patient presented with progressive dry cough and exertional dyspnoea.[] Department of Labor. Silicosis Symptoms Initial symptoms of silicosis include shortness of breath after exercising and a dry cough.[]

  • Bronchiolitis

    There will be: Very low FEV1 ( Dry cough SOB Wheeze There is very little treatment. Some cases may improve with a lung transplant.[] Otherwise, here are some other things to watch for: Wheezing (a high-pitched, whistling sound when exhaling) Fast breathing (more than 60 breaths a minute) Labored breathing[] When to see a doctor If it's difficult to get your child to eat or drink and his or her breathing becomes more rapid or labored, call your child's doctor.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Subjects with dry cough (n 14) had lower C5 values during infection than both baseline and recovery, and lower C2 values during infection than recovery; in these subjects,[] Difficulty breathing iStock/Wavebreakmedia If you have been suffering a cold or upper respiratory infection and your breathing becomes shallow or labored, you may have pneumonia[] cough.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

    These include: Congested or runny nose Dry cough Low-grade fever Sore throat Mild headache In severe cases Respiratory syncytial virus infection can spread to the lower respiratory[] A 2-year-old white girl presented to our Pediatric Allergy Clinic with recurrent crackles in addition to cough, fevers, and labored breathing since her first respiratory syncytial[] The following symptoms may occur: fever dry, persistent cough feeding problems wheezing Most cases are not serious, but if your child has difficulty breathing or feeding,[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Pneumonia

    She was admitted to clinic with a 2-week history of dyspnoea, dry cough and fever.[] The most important indicators are the first three above – cough AND fever AND labored or rapid breathing.[] A 53-year-old female presented with intermittent fever, chills, and dry cough since 10 days. Chest computed tomography scan showed multiple bilateral patchy infiltrates.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae