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208 Possible Causes for Duodenal Crohn Disease

  • Duodenal Crohn Disease

    Abstract Duodenal Crohn's disease is a rare condition not frequently encountered by the general or colo-rectal surgeon.[] The aim of this study was to assess the outcome of strictureplasty for duodenal Crohn's disease.[] The Authors report on an uncommon case of duodenal Crohn's disease in an adult man.[]

  • Duodenal Disease

    Successful treatment of refractory duodenal Crohn’s disease with infliximab. Dig Dis Sci. 2007;52(1):31-32. 8. Knapp A.[] Factors that increase the odds of developing duodenal cancer include a history of Crohn’s or celiac disease, two diseases that can affect the duodenum.[] Rare causes Crohn's disease Hypergastrinaemia Idiopathic Gastrinoma Hyperparathyroidism Areas of gastric metaplasia in the duodenum can be colonised by H pylori, causing[]

  • Chronic Duodenitis

    Chronic duodenitis. Crohn's disease. References Madsen, JE.; Vetvik, K.; Aase, S. (Nov 1991).[] DiffDx, duodenitis Coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, drug-induced inflammation, parasites, ulcerative colitis.[] Less commonly, Crohn’s disease can cause duodenitis. Looking for a Doctor?[]

  • Duodenal Fistula

    A duodenal fistula complicated with Crohn's disease may present a difficult management problem.[] BACKGROUND/AIMS: Duodenal fistula is rare in patients with Crohn's disease and almost all patients require surgery.[] Pichney et al. [ 3 ] reviewed 56 cases of colo-duodenal fistulae in patients with Crohn's disease.[]

  • Gastroduodenal Fistula

    Duodenal fistulas in Crohn's disease. Gastroenterology 1987;89:1347–52. Google Scholar 2. Wilk PJ, Fazio V, Turnbull RB Jr..[] The medical records of 14 patients with a gastroduodenal fistula complicating Crohn's disease treated in th... read more Mentioned in this Paper Crohn Disease Duodenal Diseases[] Management of Crohn's disease involving the duodenum, including duodenal cutaneous fistula. Arch Surg 1980;115:1022–8. PubMed Google Scholar 7.[]

  • Iron Deficiency

    Conditions that affect the absorption of iron by the bowel (such as coeliac disease and Crohn's disease ) and conditions that cause chronic inflammation (such as systemic[] Crohn's disease Medications that decrease gastric acidity or bind iron (refer Appendix B PDF, 323KB) Gastrectomy or intestinal bypass Duodenal pathology Chronic renal failure[] […] iron deficiency anaemia can occur as the result of blood loss from the digestive tract arising from long-term use of some medications (such as aspirin), gastric ulcers, duodenal[]

  • Ovarian Cyst

    ’s disease Cystic fibrosis Distal ileal obstruction Duodenal atresia Gallstones Gastroesophageal reflux Gastroschisis Hirschsprung’s disease Imperforate anus Inflammatory[] […] including the following: Abdominal Disorders Abdominal cysts Achalasia Anterior ectopic anus Appendicitis Biliary atresia Biliary dyskinesia Choledochal cyst Colonic atresia Crohn’s[]

  • Duodenal Stenosis

    Involvement of the gastroduodenum is extremely rare in Crohn's disease. For obstructing duodenal Crohn's disease, bypass procedures have traditionally been selected.[] duodenal Crohn's disease, and we have applied it successfully in five patients.[] Duodenal Crohn’s disease: an analysis of 89 cases. Am J Gastroenterol. 1989;84:249–54. Miner PB, Harri JE, McPhee MS.[]

  • Esophagitis

    ’s disease (an autoimmune disease which inflames the oesophagus) Chemical or physical injury Gastritis and Duodenitis Well, before we move on to explore an array of causes[] Radiation therapy Bile reflux Crohn’s disease Severe stress Exposure to artificial breathing machines Certain viral infections Any autoimmune condition NSAIDs Coeliac disease[] Duodenal lymphocytosis Symptoms Esophagitis can cause a great variety of symptoms including: Nausea Vomiting Coughing Irregularities in appetite and thus, weight loss Chest[]

  • Gastritis

    Focal gastritis and duodenitis have also been described in pediatric patients with Crohn's disease ( 104 ).[] GASTRITIS AND DUODENITIS IN PATIENTS WITH INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE Patients with Crohn's disease rarely have gross clinical involvement of the upper gastrointestinal tract[] Crohn's disease patients with histologic evidence of upper intestinal involvement have significantly more active small bowel disease than do those with negative findings ([]

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